14-year-old finds success in oval track kart racing

By Bailey McKarns
FPS Correspondent


Talen Timberlake stands beside the kart he races on weekends at area tracks. The trophies he won for placing third and second in his division the past two years are displayed at left.

For two years now, racing go-karts has been 14-year-old Talen Timberlake’s passion.

The son of Tim and Mikki Timberlake of Carrollton started racing in the summer of 2015 after visiting a go-kart show at New Towne Mall in New Philadelphia with his dad. After taking in all the karts at the show, Talen decided it would be an enjoyable hobby to do in his free time.

Talen learned to drive by going out to the tracks with his dad, Tim, and practicing when there weren’t races going on. Shortly after starting, Talen earned the Junior third place champion in 2015 and the Junior runner-up in 2016. He has his sights on winning first place this year.

Racing classes are divided by age, meter and the type of kart. Talen races in the Junior Champion class. He competes every other Saturday at the I70-I77 Speedway track and every other Sunday at the Midvale race track.

Before each competition, Talen and his dad work on the karts together, making sure that they are sound and ready for the track. Talen then must clean the karts and load them into the trailer. Once at the track, his job is to unload the karts, make sure they are fueled up, and get them ready to race. Talen races two types of karts, one with an Animal racing engine and the other with a FlatHead racing engine. He races on an asphalt oval track that is 3/10 of a mile long.

“My favorite thing about racing is meeting a lot of new people and being able to compete with them.” He plans on karting until he can race cars in the next few years.

Talen will be a freshman at Carrollton High School this fall.



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