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Commemorative Mug offers glimpse of festival history

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Scio FestivalThe 80th annual Scio Fall Festival Commemorative Mug auction will be held Aug. 15 at 10 p.m. on the Main Stage in Scio.

Designed by Stephanie Rose-Jenkins, the mug has a history of the Scio Festival on the back written by Dee Ann Horstman, curator of the Scio Historical Museum.

The back of the mug says, “Scio Fall Festival, also known as the Street Fair, was originally organized by the Scio Civic Club and later sponsored by Scio American Legion Post 482 and Scio Volunteer Fire Department. 80 years of memories include: Rides on the Ferris Wheel, Merry-go-rounds, and Tilt-A-Whirls, Games, Bingo, Food Stands (fish and fries), Flower Shows, 5-K Races, Arm Wrestling, Bands, Car Shows and Great Parades.  Included are memories of the many Scio Businesses, organizations clubs and individuals that have made it happen.”

The picture (at left) depicts the history. Pictured at top: Scio Volunteer Fire Department in front of their new No. 2 Firehouse on College St. constructed in 1952 with the new fire truck, a 1953 GMC, and the department’s first fire truck, a 1936 REO.

Middle Row: Crowd waiting for the parade on W. Main St. near the traffic light, 1950s era; Scio’s famous funny car “Leapin’ Lena” sponsored by the Scio American Legion Post 482 and Harrison County 40/8. Picture are Lee Jones, mechanic; Pete Rothermand, driver; and Dr. James Z. Scott, clown; and Abbie Amos with the Scio Pottery Company’s 60 Millionth Cup.

Bottom Row: Scio’s legendary photographer Ed Shumaker; Scio’s oldest businessman, Herman Neimayer of Neimayer Pharmacy a/k/a Hermbo the Clown; and Scio American Legion Post 482 Color Guard marching in the festival parade.

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Commemorative Mug offers glimpse of festival history
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