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Steeple to Street

As we celebrate our national holiday of Thanksgiving, we ponder how important it is to give thanks. Some people in our current culture have gotten away from their manners and no longer say please or thank you. It is crucial for us to show our appreciation whenever someone does something good for us.

But who are we giving thanks to during this holiday season? Why God of course. He is the one we should always thank because all we have comes from Him. In fact, the people of the Old Testament would always celebrate feasts of praise and thanksgiving at the end of a successful harvest season. It should be part of our natural instinct to give thanks to God.

In the 17th chapter of Luke’s Gospel, we read the parable of the ten lepers who were cured by Jesus, but only one returned to give thanks. Jesus told him: “Rise and go on your way, your Faith has saved you.” Therefore, it is by doing as God expects of us, that our Faith is practiced and we are saved.

I have formed the habit of whenever something works right or turns out well, of saying ‘thanks be to God’ or as we used to say Deo Gratias!

Anthony R. Batt
Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church
Carrollton, OH