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Steeple to Street

This week signs of spring are all around us, even with the promise of one last snow. There are flowers budding and little green shoots appearing on the bare branches of trees, and the grass is turning from yellow to green. Spring time reminds us that as difficult as winter has been, as demoralizing as the constant snows may have seemed, and as prevalent as frozen death may have been that life was brewing still deep underground. Spring prepares us for the miracle of Easter, reminding us that even in our darkest hours, the God who we worship has power over life and death and offers us a place with him in his kingdom.
As the weather changes and signs of new life spring up all around us, and as we are reminded of Christ’s victory over death, let us look for signs of new life in ourselves and in our community. When we gather together to prepare for Easter this week and as we worship together, let us ask that signs of new life be evident to our world, that through the work of the Holy Spirit our neighbors and friends might see our lives transformed, and that empowered by that transformation we might be prepared to go out into the world and work for God’s Kingdom. May the new life offered at Easter be real and felt in our community through the sharing our resources with those in need, and through sharing signs of God’s grace and love with all those who we meet.
This Easter season may we and our community demonstrate new life in all that we do to everyone we meet.

Jen Baer
New Harrisburg Presbyterian Church