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Malvern council members review annexation

FPS staff report

Malvern Council started 2014 with a new member and returning president.

Alan Artzner was reelected council president by a unanimous vote at the Jan. 13 meeting and Barb Burgess was sworn in and began her duties as a council member.

Burgess, who was elected at the November 2013 election, takes over the seat held by Nevin Crater. Her term runs through Dec. 31, 2018.

During the meeting, council members reviewed copies of an annexation map for 25 acres of land where the new Brown Local School is to be built on the southeast edge of the village near Kopp Clay and Dorseys. The First Christian Church and parsonage will be included in the annexation. The owners of Kopp Clay have signed the annexation paperwork.

Mayor Steve Adams told The Free Press Standard, the church is reviewing the paperwork and once they approve, the process will begin.

Adams said there could be a need for a light and turning lane at the intersection of Kopp Rd. and Carrollton St. in the future but no plans are being made at the present time. These roads will be part of the access to the new school once it is built. Adams said school officials may also use Sycamore St.

Maintenance of streets, buildings, and property was discussed. Jim Cinson, superintendent of village services, said the number of potholes is growing due to weather changes. He noted Porter and Wood Streets are in need of paving. Jim Bates, village administrator, will see if any long-term grants are available for paving in school areas.

Estimates for updating the wiring in the American Legion Pavilion were received. Councilwoman Angela Lambert reported the lowest bid was from Don Tucci for $1,880. This would include removing all old wiring, installing 12 lights and GFI receptacles, installing a 100-amp panel and 4x6 treated posts, and new wiring down the treated posts.

Two other bids were received from Henderson Electric and Ray Electric.  Council accepted the Tucci bid.

Lawn care estimates were reviewed and an estimate to mow only the park area was approved. Lowery Lawn Care submitted an estimate for $27,445 to mow the same areas with the same specifications as 2013 and an additional estimate of $6,000 to mow the Disc Golf Course area.

In other business, council:
-LEARNED the village received $178,186.55 in income tax during 2013, which is up $6,138.14.

-HEARD Cinson is getting estimates for a S. Canton St. waterline replacement project and has been in contact with Diversified Engineering regarding the Colfor water line extension.

-WAS asked by Adams to select three goals they would like to see done to benefit the village and report back at the next council meeting.

-LEARNED Susan Joyce, community development coordinator, has information for an Ohio Mid-Eastern Government Association (OMEGA) application to upgrade the bathroom in village hall and make it handicap accessible, along with other changes.

Three estimates are required to proceed.

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