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Carrollton residents air concerns about street conditions in village’s northeast section

By Leigh Ann Rutledge
FPS Reporter

Carrollton street paving may be finished for this calendar year but council learned there are still issues to be addressed during the meeting Monday evening.

Joe Kovach and John Howells, who reside on McKinley Ave., visited council regarding the shape the street is in and storm sewer issues. Both men presented pictures showing their concerns to council and the mayor.

Kovach resides at 310 McKinley Ave. He told council the street is “just patched together” like putting a band-aid on. He said the blacktop is two feet thick in front of his home and because it keeps rising and there are no curbs to direct the water down the drains, there are catch basin issues. He noted water is lying in pools because the blacktop is so thick and the water cannot flow from pipes attached to the spouting.

Kovach said there is a “makeshift” curb at Allmon-Dugger-Cotton Funeral Home and weeds are growing in the makeshift curb area. While showing pictures he took earlier Monday, Kovach said the street was dug up to fix a leak in the sewer line and it was just left. “I would like to know when someone begins working on the street, how long is it until they finish?” Kovach questioned. “The alleys are in better shape than the street.”

When Kovach said he can’t get anything done, Mayor Frank Leghart said, “You say you can’t get anything done but I have not seen a complaint or request come across my desk.”

Kovach said he spoke with Denny Roudebush, village administrator, about the issue.

Councilman Chris Barto said if the street is as bad as the picture depicts, the street issue should go to the Public Works committee for possible inclusion in the paving budget and schedule for 2015.

Howells, who resides at 405 McKinley Ave., asked council why he is paying a storm sewer assessment when the storm sewer doesn’t come past his house and he is getting no benefit from it. He showed pictures of a “lake” on the corner of his property. He has dumped 10 ton of gravel in the area. Again the mayor said the issue had not been brought to his attention. Howells said he talked to employees of the street department and they told him there was nothing they could do about it. He also said the storm sewer only comes part way on McKinley Ave.

Leghart said he will look into both issues and it is possible it could require a total redesign of the street. When asked when something would be done, Leghart said he would have to meet with an engineer for guidance and check into funding options.

The storm sewer assessment is $2 per month. According to Judi Noble, the assessment generates around $40,000 per year which is set aside for projects.

Don Lucas, who resides at 351 E. Main St. also had an issue with recent paving. The alley behind Kiddie Land park which leads to his driveway was paved to the crest of the hill. Over time, the alley has washed out down to the original bricks. Lucas said this is going to cause additional problems for him to get up the slope in the winter. It was the mayor and administrator’s understanding that the entire alley was to be paved. They will look into the matter.

Members of two local garden clubs asked council for permission to place a memorial marker on Public Square in front of the pine tree facing the McCook House. Pat Roudebush and Linda Moreland, members of the Suburban Garden Club, and Nellie Nye and Joyce Ferguson of the Carrollton Garden Club, said the clubs have joined forces to raise $1,410 for a Blue Star Memorial marker to honor past, present and future veterans. The National Garden Club started the project in the 1940s with the goal to have a marker in each of Ohio’s 88 counties. Information can be found at www.gardenclub.org.

Roudebush said club members met and would like to place the marker on the square because of the high visibility. The village would incur no cost and plantings around the monument would be taken care of by both clubs. The clubs will seek out donations to have the monument installed. They would like to order the monument before the end of the year before any price increase would take place.

Council approved the request. Councilman Tom Parker told Roudebush the monument could be delivered to and stored at his business on Canton Rd. Installation will take place in 2015 when a small ceremony can be held, possibly in conjunction with other village bicentennial events.

In other business, council:
-HEARD an update on Fair Housing from Coordinator Chris Modranski.
-APPROVED a variance for the building of a garage at 431 Ray Ave. which exceeds the allowable square footage.

-LEARNED Carrollton Village Fire Department is finishing the specifications for the new fire truck, which will then go out to bid. Leghart told council they are ordering a truck which will last several years and may exceed the available monies by $20,000-$30,000. An actual cost will not be known until bids come in.

-SET an informal informational meeting Sept. 9 at 6 p.m. regarding annexation of property south of the village on SR 332. Letters have been sent to property owners informing them of the meeting.

-HEARD the certified letter sent to the owner of 371 2nd St. SE., property regarding demolition and removal was marked “unclaimed.” The village must wait 30 days before proceeding on.

-SCHEDULED a Public Works Committee meeting Aug. 25 at 6 p.m.

-COMPLETED interviews for a street department employee. Eight applications were received and four people interviewed. A decision should be made soon.

-LEARNED the fire siren on Garfield Ave. has been replaced and works well.
-APPAULED the JOBS workers for the good job they are doing around the village.

-HEARD the fire department may explore options for compensation due to the increased number of accidents they respond to located outside the village limits. 

-PAID bills totaling $$191,845.28 for vendors and $29,597.49 and $30,592.86 for payroll.

-SET the next council meeting for Sept. 8 at 7 p.m. in council chambers.

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