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June 8
Judith (Judy) Daniel
age 73, of Campbellton, FL, formerly of Minerva

Rhoda M. Whyte
age 96, of Scio, formerly of Columbus

Eloise P. Locke
age 92, of Minerva

Dixie C. Zwahlen
age 73, of Minerva

Bernice I. Beckley
age 89, Carrollton

Joshua Lee Ferguson
age 25, of Malvern

June 2
Evelyn Barbara Nicholas
age 85, of Carrollton

Donald K. Beamer
age 64, of New Philadelphia

Elaine Manson
age 83, of Carrollton

William "Bill" Robert Knox
age 60, of Carrollton

June 1
Edgar "Dutch" Haynam
age 93, of Minerva

May 29
Mary Ruth Crum Bonar
age 92, of Carrollton

May 25
James Douglas Ellcessor
age 51

Benjamin Loren Sell
age 79 of Carrollton

May 21
Dorothy E. Long
age 93, of Carrollton

May 20
John T. Ocel
age 91, of Mechanicstown

May 19
Laurie S. Buckey
age 46, of Sherrodsville

Mary Elizabeth Hornbeck
age 86, of Jacksonville, FL. 

Ruby A. Huff
age 97, of Dellroy

May 18
Robert Lee Hudson
age 90, a native of Ripley, WV

Velma M. Beckley
age 96, of Carrollton

Carol L. Wiley
age 69, of Columbus

Robert P. Roof
age 81, of Normal, IL,

May 15
Richard L. "Butch" Guinther Sr.
age 75, of Canton

Ruth E. Betz
age 73, of Carrollton

Richard Ray Moreland, Sr.
age 77, of Carrollton

May 13
Troy A. Cox Jr.
age 84, of Carrollton

May 12
Leonard Leo Jurkiewicz
age 86, of Carrollton

Elsie Mae McCauley
age 88, of Mechanicstown

May 11
G. May Babe
age 97, of Carrollton

May 8
Fred R. Monigold
age 58, of Salineville

Ben P. Hillyer
age 87, of Kensington

May 7
Mary Kathryn Schneiders
age 92, of Canton

May 4
Emma E. Kail
age 95, of Scio

Makennah L. Shoemaker
age 8, of Minerva

Sr. Teresa (Wanda Ann) Dronski RGS
age 78, of Carrollton

Faith M. Fletcher
age 13, of Minerva

April 30
James F. Coffy
age 73, of Malvern

April 27
Walter W. Jakacki, Jr.
age 65, Carrollton

April 23
Ruth J. (McCommons) Graham
age 85, of Canton

April 21
Donna R. Snyder
age 88, of Amsterdam

Kenneth C. Beckley
age 96, of Carrollton

April 20
Shirley L. Boyd
age 62, of Richmond

Joe "Carl" Hatfield
age 70, of Carrollton

Wilda Marlene Becknell
age 78, of Carrollton

April 14
Erma Mae Haun
age 85, of Carrollton

April 13
Barbara Eileen Holbert
age 75, of Malvern

Ruth M. Betz
age 98, of Minerva

April 9
Denise M. Teeter
age 56, of Carrollton

Lester Vance Bonnell
age 88, of Scio

April 6
Sharon Louise Lovett
age 61, of Malvern

Ronald P. Davis
age 87, of Carrollton

Fred G. Portofe
age 75, of Dellroy

March 31
Gladys V. Zwick
age 77, of Carrollton

Ray A. Baker
age 55, Minerva

Douglas R. Deeter
age 47

Dorothy Faye Tripp-Bland
age 91, of Carrollton

Rickey L. Ferrell
age 65, of Carrollton

March 30
Denver "Dean" Teeters
age 72, of Malvern

Marvin Paul Rininger
age 77, of Edgar, WI

March 27
Frances B. Chivers
age 95, of Amsterdam

March 19
Frank Wilson Lafferty
age 82, of Salineville

Jacquelene "Jackie" Jednaszewski
age 85, of Carrollton

March 17
Patrick "Pat" J. Horrigan
age 78, of Carrollton

March 16
Joanne J. Reed
age 84, of North Canton

Connie King Butler

Michele Faith (Cain) DeBold
age 55, of East Springfield

Beverly "Bev" Ann Newbold Wilcox
age 73, of Loveland, CO

March 10
Jutta E. B. Bosler
age 89, of Dover, formerly of Carrollton

Blair "Charles" Hamilton
age 91

March 5
Robert "Bob" Hilderbrand
age 76, of Amsterdam

March 2
Dale H. Noble
age 91, of Carrollton

Dennis Gallagher
age 62, of Amsterdam

Feb. 27
Florence "Tillie" Shaver
age 83, of Mechanicstown

Feb. 23
William Oscar Taylor
age, 79, of Malvern

Lewis W. Erwin
age 76, of Carrollton

Gerald Chalmers Slates
age 87, of Carrollton

Feb. 20
Shelley Lauren Kovach
age 60, of Texas

Feb. 19
Elizabeth J. (Betty) Maple
formerly of Carrollton

Feb. 17
Jerry M. Henson
age 71, of Robertsville

Feb. 16
Gladys "Louise" Dever
age 99, of Carrollton

Barbara J. Grubbs
age 71 of Kensington

Constance Jean (King) Butler
age 66, of Carrollton

Feb. 13
Darla Jean Potts
age 55, of Sherrodsville

Feb. 10
Kenneth E. Smith
age 72, of Minerva

Mary A. Roach
age 91, of Bowerston

Lela M. Kemerer
age 100, of Carrollton

Feb. 9
Mary Jane Cullen Slates Rutledge
age 94 of Kilgore

Ruth Neider
age 91, of Carrollton

Feb. 5
John William Negutt
age 72, a native of Dellroy and resident of Foley, AL,

Mary Jane Warren
age 77, of Carrollton

W. Jean Howell
age 82, of Lakeville, OH, formerly of Bergholz

Belva Iola Laney
age 88, of Mechanicstown

Feb. 3
Bart D. Smith
age 54, of Canton and formerly Carrollton


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