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Sept. 18
Cecil E. Stackhouse
age 73 of Carrollton

Freda R. ((Higgins) (Cunningham) Mansfield
age 90, of Canton, formally of Carrollton

Sept. 15
Donna V. Mercer
age 85, of Salem

Rodney William Robson Sr.
age 63, of Amsterdam

Kenneth E. Owens
age 72, of Carrollton

Calvin F. Bright
age 84, of Corpus Christi, TX.

Russell Thomas (Tom) Shaw
age 70 of Carrollton

Sept. 11
Robert W. Wagner
age 57, of Bergholz

Donna V. Mercer
age 85, of Salem,

Sept. 8
Glen E. Benedict
age 76, of Malvern

Emma Jane Edie
age 92, of Bowerston

Aug. 30
Leon Edward Daringer
age 82, of Carrollton

Tamara (Tammy) Lee Compston
age 52, of Carrollton

Ruby A. Gartrell
age 91, of Leesville

Rodney Robson Sr. Memorial Service

Aug. 26
Paul Albert Capone
age 88, of Minerva

Iva Jane Ujcich
age 85, of Malvern

Aug. 22
Robert Amos
age 81, of Mechanicstown

Raymond Arthur Mackey
age 86, of Amsterdam

Aug. 21
Margaret A. Ohler
age 94, of Carrollton

Paul Eugene Berry
age 75, of Minerva

Aug 19
Arlene V. Baumberger
age 85, of Minerva

Peggy Ann Croxton Dewell
age 79, of Scio

Arlene Sutton
age 70, of Scio

Susan Kay (Carter) Sweebe
age 55 of Carrollton

Aug. 18
Don L. Anderson Memorial Service

Steven C. Walters
age 65, of Scio

Aug. 12
Bruce W. Falconer
age 72, of Minerva

Aug. 11
Hazel V. Speelman
age 86, of Minerva

John Harry May
age 68, of Carrollton

Aug. 7
Joseph Ondusko
age 62, of Amsterdamph

Aug. 1
Jane M. Nieb
age 81, of Kensington

July 31
Mildred M. Butterfield Leggett
age 93, of Perrysville

July 29
Billy C. Hayes
age 71, of Norco Rd., Carrollton

July 28
Beverly Dunlap
age 77, of Carrollton

Everett O. White
age 88, a Carrollton (Leavittsville) resident

July 24
M. Eileen Marshall
age 86, of Pataskala, formerly of Amsterdam

July 21
Donald Eugene Minor, Sr.
age 75, of Carrollton

Lee Albert Elkins
age 75, of Carrollton

Burton L. Jones
age 88, of Poker Rd., Scio

John E. Beckley Sr.
age 65, of Troy Rd., Carrollton

John Paul Grove
age 64, of Carrollton

Arletta M. Williamson
age 86, of Third St., Carrollton

July 18
Bertha Marie "Dee" Wright
age 74, of Malvern

Deborah A. "Debbie" McGuire
age 60, of Carrollton

Robert J. "Pete" Patterson
age 62, of Minerva

July 17
Don L. Anderson,
age 83, of Carrollton

July 15
Arlene M. Jones
age 85, of Scio, (Perrysville)

Wilmer L. Davis
age 95, of Minerva

July 14
Frances "Fran" P. Cole
age 90, of Carrollton

Sr. Theresa Bridget McNally
of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd

Jeremy J. Hidey
age 39, of Dennison

Halen D. Maney
age 86, of 21 N. Liberty Street, Dellroy

July 1
Dorothy J. Kovach
age 91, of Huffman, TX

Carrie M. Shoulders
age 79, of Carrollton

June 30
Eugene "Monty" Lamont Mills
age 75, of Pittsburgh

Mary E. Thompson
age 88, of Sherrodsville

Joseph F. Fabian, Jr.
age 52 of Carrollton

Carl D. Marshall
age 84, of Carroll Golden Age Retreat

June 26
George R. Palmer
age 76, of Kilgore

Elmo “Toby” Francis Hawkins, Jr.
age 52, of Moncks Corner, SC

Elizabeth J. Berkey
age 73, of Carrollton

June 18
Spencer J. Shuman
Memorial service

Elmo "Toby" Francis Hawkins, Jr.
age 53, of Moncks Corner, SC

June 16
William "Joe" Wood
age 82, of Minerva

Rick Joe Stewart
age 61, of Amsterdam

June 12
Florence Anita (Hensen) Wendling Grindstaff
age 92, of Minerva

June 9
CW4 Carl W. Moreland, United States Army (retired)
age 81 of Canton

Owen W. Virgin
age 88, of Arizona

Spencer J. Shuman, Sr.
age 71, of Carrollton

Kathlean D. "Katie" Kennedy
age 25, of Massillon

Dickie A. Nicholson
age 80, of Steubenville Rd., Carrollton

Robert V. Baughman
age 85, of Carrollton

June 2
A Memorial Service for Margaret L. Tanner
Friday at 3 p.m.

Rita M. Gween
age 89, of Minerva

May 27
Orville M. Conrad
age 89 of Sherrodsville

Robert G. Geiselman
age 85, of Minerva

Laquaita L. Jeffrey
age 77, of Dellroy

Jonathon Ray Hammond Powell
age 25, of Carrollton

Beverly Jean Mick
age 72, of Carrollton

Joseph Catterall
age 73, of Brunswick

Wayne E. Hargesheimer, Jr.
age 70, of Salineville

Marie Mae Hall
age 88, of Kensington

May 23
Genevieve "Jean" M. Pettay
age 87, of Carrollton

Wilma L. Hinkle
age 95, of Sherrodsville

May 19
Cecil M. Grindstaff
age 79, of Carrollton

Raymond Leonard Johnson
age 61, of Carrollton

Silvio M. Scopel
age 80, of Amsterdam

Gregory L. Cassidy

May 13
Fred W. Luther
age 67, of Carrollton

May 12
Clark H. Criss
age 77, of Minerva

Sue Ellen Wilson
age 43, of Carrollton

Jay C. Ankrom
age 86, of Carrollton, formerly of Germano

May 9
Mary E. Nicholson Beadnell
age 77, of Mechanicstown

Evelyn Price
age 91, of Carrollton

Paul Laney
age 96, of Mechanicstown

May 6
Esther Whitmer
age 100

Gary Dean Lee, Sr.
age 63, of Malvern

Clarence "Joe" Nelson
age 66, of Mechanicstown

Clarence "Joe" Nelson
age 66, of Mechanicstown

Janet Lee Ankrom
age 72, of Scio

May 5
Doyle R. Smith
age 92, of Bowerston

Thomas N. West, Sr.
age 75, Bowerston

William Everett "Ed" Bonnell
age 89, of Carrollton, formerly of Scio

Nada B. Poole
age 95, of Carroll Golden Age Retreat in Carrollton

May 1
Fred P. Wiley, Sr.
age 85, of Bergholz

Sally J. (Sanderson) Morrow
age 80, of Carrollton

April 29
Edith L. Morvatz
age 87, of Carrollton

Helen "Diane" Wilson
age 57, of Carrollton

April 28
Richard C. "Dick" Hemming, Jr.
age 70, of Carrollton

Gregory L. Cassidy
age 60, of Carrollton

April 25
Marion H. Marquart
age 90, of Thornville

April 24
Sarah Ellen Lohman
age 83, of Carrollton

April 21
Richard Cairns
age 83, of Dellroy

Patricia "Pat" K. Wiley
age 73, of Malvern

Robert O. Nichols
age 80, of Malvern

April 18
Beulah I. Lambert
age 92, of Carrollton

Doris Louise (Gascon) Johnson
age 86, of Carrollton

April 15
Robert O. Nichols
age 80, of Malvern

Joseph "Joe" Sabol III
age 78, of Carrollton, formerly of Amsterdam

Bernice "Bunny" Grove
age 84, of Carrollton

April 14
Mary Glenna Robertson
age 93, of Malvern

Linda Sue Magee
age 66, of Malvern

Douglas Ray Butler
age 62, of Malvern

Arthur Eugene Bryan
age 82, of Salineville

April 9
Elizabeth Anne Williams Buck
age 85, of Westlake and formerly of Cadiz

Velma J. Monk
age 71, of Carrollton

April 8
Joshua M. Howell
age 19, of Carrollton

April 7
Tina Marie Ahrano
age 50, of Carrollton

John "Bert" Mann
age 75, of Carrollton

Sheila Jo Stidom
age 46, of Carrollton

Larry H. Dugger
age 71, of Dublin, formerly a long-time resident of Carrollton

Gilbert R. Schoolcraft
age 83, of Scio

Richard D. Burns
age 71, of East Rochester

April 5
Patricia Anne Ferguson
age 71, of Uhrichsville

April 3
Patricia "Pat" (Norton) Toalston
age 89, formerly of the Carrollton area

Selwyn Duane "Bud" Martin
age 81, of Carrollton

B. Joan "Baglady" Hamilton
age 83, formerly of Carrollton

April 1
Jo-Lena Gaines
age 70, of New Freeport

Evelyn Violet Westfall Bennett
age 87, of Powell's Point

March 27
Mary Agnes Blair Scott
age 85, of Hoboken

March 25
Charles Emmet LeBeau, Jr.
age 83, of Medina

Deb D. McNeese
age 62, of Bucyrus

Elizabeth Ann McLoney
86, of Carrollton

March 24
William G. Toalston
age 85, of Salineville

Conra "Connie" Spahr
age 83, of Carrollton

Craig S. Eckenrode
age 44, of Amsterdam

Jerry Smalley
age 70, of Scio

March 20
Dr. Judd Lewis Hall
of Carrollton

March 17
Stella May Whipkey
age 77, of Carrollton

Gayle M. Stewart
age 88, of Carrollton

Ruth Francy Martt
age 94, of Yellow Springs, OH

March 14
Florence F. Walker
age 85, of Scio

March 13
Dorothy Lynn "Kitty" Albrecht
age 70, of Carrollton

March 6
Quinton A. Crim
age 19, of Sandy Valley

David Austin Tanner
age 99, of Dellroy

March 4
James Holwick Pidgeon
age 72, of East Rochester

March 3
Dale Ray Bennett
age 43, of Bergholz

Rodney L. Hartline
age 52, of Liberty St., Leesville

John Ross Laughlin
age 94, of Jewett

Betty Ellen (Scharr) Norris
age 86, of Bradenton, FL

Sandra (Sandy) I. Steele
age 69, of Salem

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