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To the Editor:
I am 74 years old and in my lifetime I have never seen so many “donate to hunger” signs as there are now.

I am constantly hearing on the news the United States is the richest country in the world. So why do we have thousands of American children going to bed hungry every night?

The politicians in Washington D.C. have cut our domestic programs to the bone without any regard for those Americans who are affected and have to go without the basic needs in life. This is total insanity.

What makes my blood boil is the same politicians want to cut Social Security and Medicare. Instead of using my tax dollars to strengthen these two programs, they give it away to foreign countries.

There are 32 countries in the world which received “foreign aid” from the United States.

The country of Pakistan was recently given $1.8 billion for a grand total thus far of $25.5 billion. The Pakistani people hate all Americans.

The politicians in Washington, both Republican and Democrat, have done nothing to cut the billions of dollars going to foreign countries.

Why should we, as Americans, be forced to sacrifice by cutting our domestic programs while billions of our tax dollars are given to other countries, never to be repaid?

As long as there is one child who has to go to bed hungry in this country and our country borrows money, there shouldn’t be one dime leaving this country in foreign aid.

This money is American tax dollars and should be spent on Americans.
To quote an old saying, “There is something rotten in Denmark.”

Marc Blanc
Carrollton, OH


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