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To the Editor:
I listen to talk radio when I’m driving. There’s a good reason for that. I don’t have a CD player in my van or a cassette player or CD’s or cassettes or a Walkman.  Remember those Walkmans? Better yet...remember those 8 tracks?  Gosh, how time flies. Anyway, I was listening to WKBN when  some guy called in about how bad Walmart was and how Walmart was taking business away from the little guy  and how Walmart sold cheap stuff  and  how Walmarts employees hate working there and how could anyone really buy food  in a store that sells clothing.

I sat down and thought about what he said.  I concluded that maybe he should get out of the house and get some fresh air; clear his head; go to Walmart and have a coke. Actually, I wanted to get a job at Walmart. I wanted to be a greeter. I have to say, I admire anyone who works at Walmart. I never did get a job at Walmart because I couldn’t figure out how to complete the application on the store computer. After one hour and several attempts, I decided I was not coherent enough to do any job at Walmart.

I like Walmart. I like the people who work there. I like their donuts. I like their prices. But I don’t buy everything at Walmart anymore than I buy everything at the Dollar Store, (what I would give to meet the CEO of the Dollar Store) or anymore than I would buy everything at JC Penney or Sams or Drug Mart or Woods Grocery.  You have to love Woods Grocery.  Best meat in town. They are a classic example of how  a great family business is smart enough, hard working and friendly enough to keep old (that would be me) and new customers coming back for more.. And they do have clothing in the store.  Go Malvern.
Then just truck on down to Minerva where Kishmans is solely keeping the block business booming; taking care of their customers.  Not a real huge donut supply but a plethora of selections and a great hot deli and, I am excited to report, they have clothing in the store.  Go Minerva.

Down into Carrollton and Thorne’s. Also a great hot deli. Noodles Romanoff are to die for  and I am happy to report, a very nice donut supply.  Can’t exactly stipulate if there is clothing or not, but you gotta love the independent hot dog stand out front.

Listen folks: Walmart has a purpose. It serves up what you go in there for. But there are plenty of wonderful establishments around. And we should  support them. When my husband moved his insurance office years ago from the Belden area to 30th St., I noticed there were several insurance offices surrounding him and I asked him if he was concerned. His response was, “ No. There is always room for everybody, Terry.”  He is a small agency who has been in business over 50 years.

I’ve always said that one can buy a head of lettuce anywhere, but most will go where they get the smile and the service and the item they need.  And sometimes it’s Walmart. 
Now, I do love my hometown store, I really do.  They have a bakery to die for, cool cashiers and stellar stockers. But having said all that, truth of the matter is, big or small, we should shop them all.
Terry Vahila
Malvern, OH


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