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To the Editor:
I am writing this letter because of my own experience.

I really hope the grave robbers who stole the decorations we placed on our loved ones’ graves really like them.

I went to Westview Cemetery in Carrollton to pick up the grave pillows from my dad and niece’s graves. They were gone! Dad left almost seven years ago and I have had to purchase four pillows, including the very first one. My niece passed away in February 2009 of cancer at the age of 9. Her grave pillow was also taken. I have replaced it three times.

We put a lot of time and money in to replace these pillows and as well as grieving the loss of our loved ones. Then someone comes in and takes our decorations. They are trespassing on personal property we purchased and then stealing.

We have gone to the cemetery before the date they are to be removed to find the decorations were not there. Would you please have the decency to leave the only thing left we can do for our loved ones alone?
I am very upset!

Sandy Erwin
Carrollton, OH


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