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To the Editor:
It’s been amusing to watch the oil and gas companies coming into Carroll County over the past year and giving out their “legal bribes” to various entities, including the Sheriff’s Department, schools, businesses, government offices, etc.
The only thing they care about is making money and they are giving out this support just to appear as if they care when they really don’t. It’s called greed and Carroll County has caught the virus. Sure it may help economically, but at what price? Who cares if in five, 10 or 20 years the water goes bad and cancer death rates increase, earthquakes occurs, the roads are trashed and crime rates increase?

What the heck, we got our money and that’s all that matters. The heck with our kids and grandkids’ futures, we got ours now. No one waited until the EPA did a thorough study of hydraulic fracturing, etc. especially in a time when companies should be held financially and legally responsible for any loss of life or prosperity.
Even if the companies get away with it, there is one person they won’t get by at the end of their lives: that person’s one of the many names is “the ancient of days,” Jesus.

Joe B. Columbo
Malvern, OH


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