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To the Editor:
First, I would like to thank all the people who attended the April 28, 2014, meeting of the Carroll County Airport Authority. It was wonderful to see such an amazing turnout and we hope that many of you continue to attend and show interest in the Carroll County Airport.

It is great to see that people are interested in the direction of a vital asset to the county. All who wish to attend are welcome and encouraged. Your insights are valuable and often bring a new unforeseen light to matters.

Next, I would like to respond to the letter written by Rick Carlton and published in the April 30, 2014, Free Press Standard. We are the biggest headache because we question their performance. We are not only their tenants, we are also members of the public and wish to see things being run in a manner conducive to good business practices. Often times, we are the only attendees to their meetings so there is no one else to question their actions.

By contacting the commissioners, we brought the information to them to make it known to the public what is going on, otherwise, it would continue to happen. We lost the trust in the Airport Authority when they canceled a meeting with us to be held on Jan. 7, 2013, about our lease agreement. Themeeting was held on an alternate date and did not include the tenants or public, as originally agreed upon.
The next official meeting of the Airport Authority released information that the verbiage for the leases would be at the lawyer’s office and the tenants would now have to obtain their own lawyer to negotiate terms. When questioned about how and when this happened the board said they were well within the board’s right to discuss matters outside of official meetings.

Numerous times/meetings we asked the board what was going on and each time we were answered with: we cannot discuss this with you, contact the lawyers, or it’s in the lawyers hands. Nothing more was said on the issue.

Eleven months passed before anything was obtained through the lawyer’s office. What is a reasonable amount of time to wonder what is going on? Mr. Carlton stated that we were discrediting the Airport Authority by involving the Commissioners and public instead of talking to them directly, but as explained above, we tried and got no feedback. How can you communicate with unwilling hosts?

I wish to clarify that the board gifted two pieces of equipment and it was not all the contents of the restaurant. In regards to the amount paid in rent, in the lease it says that the amount will be adjusted accordingly as mutually agreed upon between lessee and lessor. No adjustments have been made in recent years because the board neglected to approach the issue. We have no problem with an increase in rent, it is the other parts of the lease that are troubling us.

When approaching the board about matters that happen during daily operations, the board is often dismissive of such issues and doesn’t see the value in customer relations. We, at the restaurant, have to answer countless questions related to the airport’s many aspects and even have to help customers with pumping fuel. We have no problems doing this and it is uncompensated work but when asked for alleviation for a problem the board members reply with, don’t help them, no one says you have to do anything. How is that good business ethic?

We are the public relations outlet for the Carroll County Airport. If we do not treat each customer, whether they are frequenting the restaurant or purchasing fuel, with the respect they deserve, then how will we continue to prosper and have repeat customers?

We want to see good communication skills being utilized between members of the board and their constituents. We want peace and to work together. We wish to see the airport governed in a fair and just form. We don’t want to keep having friction but without cooperation, what else is left? We only wish to make the facts be known. The truth shall prevail!

Lisa and Harry Stansbury
Carrollton, OH


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