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To the Editor:
I have always felt proud and privileged to call Carroll County my home and still do. However, I feel strongly compelled to voice my disappointment in the fairboard members who voted to allow beer sales at the county fair in an attempt to boost sales.

Are you kidding me? Allowing people to walk around the fair with their minds altered, judgment and decision making ability impaired with our children and grandchildren in the name of boosting sales?

Comparing this decision to Disney because they also sell alcohol in their parks is like comparing kittens to rattle snakes, just not a similar comparison. Disney has “crew members” (employees) stationed so frequently about the parks you don’t even have to turn your head to find them, not to mention the state-of-the-art security system as well as a non-nonsense policy they follow. I can’t see how this compares to the county fair. The county fair is the last place I would expect to find alcohol. What I expect to find when I go there is families enjoying care free time together, children eating cotton candy and caramel apples, farmers showing off the fruits of their hard work; garden vegetables, sewing projects, weird looking chickens, baby animals as well as my hard-working, honest, respectful neighbors who, like me, have come to the fair for a care free reprieve from some of the “outside” world.

I would not, however, expect to see chemically impaired minds walking around as our impressionable next generation is watching through beautiful, innocent little eyes as we endeavor to set an honorable impression on them. The type of atmosphere I fear the fair will have this summer is not something I desire to be a part of. Therefore, friends and neighbors don’t expect to see me at the fair this year and, if you are going, please be careful. Large crowds of people, many whose minds are chemically altered and not enough law enforcement (in my opinion) is not at all a safe mix. Maybe I will see you there next year. I’d love to, but that’s up to the fairboard.

Annie Butler
Augusta, OH  


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