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To the Editor:
As a parent and life long Malvern community member, I encourage you to support our school bond levy Aug. 6. Many of you are already aware that our present buildings are in dire need of repair. The original building was built in the 1920’s with additions to follow. There are no state funds or grants to help repair these buildings. It is more cost effective and energy efficient to build a new building rather than repair and maintain the old buildings. Most of all, these old buildings are unable to support the technology needed for our students to obtain the best education they deserve. Technology is here to stay and the school must be able to support these changes.

Yes, our property taxes will go up. But these taxes are going to rise whether we are paying for a new Brown Local School building, or whether we will be paying our tax dollars to a neighboring school district where our children will have to attend. If we have to send our children to another district, we will have to pay that district’s tax rate. So lets opt to keep our tax dollars and school in Malvern. Also, do we want our town to end up like Waynesburg, Magnolia, Robertsville or any other town that has lost their school? I don’t think so!

Our town has pride in our Malvern Schools! If you want to see this pride, attend a Choir/Band Concert, an Art Show, a Drama production, a basketball, football, baseball, or softball game. We are all so proud of our children at Brown Local Schools! Let’s keep that pride in Malvern by voting yes on the Brown Local School Bond Issue!!

Patty Van Horn
Malvern, OH


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