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To the Editor:
Fascism, Communism’s stepchild. For over 90 years, Americans have been told Fascism is “right wing political philosophy.” Even Americans who consider themselves conservative politically have bought into the “left wing – right wing” myth and therefore believe Fascism is “on the right.”

Since Fascism’s modern appearance between 1919 -1922 with the Italian dictator Mussolini, along with the rise of political personality cults, Fascism has become the left’s expendable stepchild. Fascism’s actual political roots go back to the Roman Empire.

When hard core leftists (Socialists – Communists) cannot argue the truth of political history or the reality of economics and social philosophy in the arenas of ideas, their fallback position is to call the conservative a crypto Fascist. This tactic is designed to neutralize the conservative because leftists are counting the propoganda of the last 90 years to have had its effect meaning the political electorate believes Fascism a right wing political philosophy. Fascism is not a right wing political philosophy, it’s left wing.

If there were a left wing and right wing, God-given freedom would be on the right and all the “isms” (tyranny) of history would be on the left. Fascism has been placed on the right in order to bring reproach on freedom (God-given). As stated before, Fascism was expendable. It was deemed so after the disaster Mussolini made of it. Not wanting it associated with anything on the left, it was reconstituted a right wing political philosophy by the media.

Gary Ervin
New Philadelphia, OH


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