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To the Editor:
Here we go again, another school levy. Will they ever stop? Probably not. But we can continue to vote it down each time. Each time this levy is put on the ballot, it costs hundreds of dollars. They could use the hundreds of dollars for things the school needs instead of gambling on passing the levy.

If you think taxes are high now, think again. This is nothing if the levy passes. Our real estate taxes would have cost more with the passing of the levy, but now with the government’s budget roll back, under the new provisions, it will cost even more. I’m talking hundreds more. Example: You now pay your taxes twice a year, the first half and the second half. If the levy passes, it will be like paying a third time each year and that goes on year after year.

If they want a new school, be patient and wait for the mineral rights gas and oil royalties to come in. Maybe also think about cutting back your huge salaries. In a back issue of The Free Press Standard, it was stated the daily rate of a few of the school officials was from $370 a day for superintendents, $351 for the athletic director, and $328 for the treasurer. This is for only one days pay. This huge amount is for only three people. There are a lot more that I’m sure probably make close to that also. Some tax payers on social security, it takes them a whole month to make what these people make in one day. If anyone deserves to make close to $400 a day, it should be the teachers. They are the ones teaching and putting up with the kids all day. They only get a fraction of what these officials get.

How can they justify asking the tax payers to come up with more money, especially when the majority of the tax payers are on a fixed income and most don’t even have kids or grandkids in school. It’s hard enough for them to come up with what they have to pay now.

Also school attendance is down this year from last year. Keep it up with new levies and people will be forced to move because they can’t afford the high taxes and attendance will keep going down. If the levy passes, you may have your nice new school, but maybe no students to fill it.

An increase in taxes may not seem a lot to some of you but to the majority of the taxpayers, it is a big deal.

Closing and tearing down schools we already have to build new ones would be one thing if you had the money but to expect the taxpayers to pay higher taxes, it is not right. We don’t close or tear down our houses and buildings when they need repaired, we fix them up.

So unless you have lots of money you don’t need, stand up for yourself and you must vote no this Nov. 5.

P.S. Support The Senior Friendship Center levy.

Donald Krepps


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