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To the Editor:
Today, I watched a group of students crossing the street with their teacher. Gauging from the direction in which they were walking, I assume they were visiting the cemetery, as today is Veteran's Day. Every excuse I'd made about not writing a letter regarding the disappointing vote against Carrollton Schools disappeared.

Our school buildings are in a terrible state and have been for years. Every levy defeat has led to more patches and duct tape solutions and the community just doesn't seem to care. You blame the economy in good times and bad. You call out the administration or the teachers. You fall back upon, "if it was good enough for me..." But the bottom line is, you don't care enough about our children and the future of our community to give the school district a break.
If you are concerned that school finances are not well managed, then get involved. In the last election, two school board positions ran unopposed - get involved! Ask questions, visit the schools, become informed but STOP smugly turning down every opportunity to help our kids become the best prepared they can be to meet a very complicated and uncertain future.

And now perhaps the saddest fact of all... our school levy was defeated by 13.5 percent of the registered voters in Carroll County. Less than 1/3 of those who could vote, did vote. We have the audacity to honor our veterans who sacrifice their lives in so many ways to bring democracy to other countries only to forfeit our own privilege of responsible citizenship. Amazing and beyond sad...
Gail Walker
Carrollton, OH


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