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To the Editor:
“Evil’s on the march and liberty is its intended victim in America.”
That’s what I believe is happening in 21st century America and Edmund Burke, 1719-1797, stated, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,” in the 18th century.

Many in the media talk politics – the science of government. They speak of methods, tactics and principles associated with government. Those are a part, albeit not always necessary, of government in order to come to political truth. They become a diversion from our real objective, good government.

If political truth is something to be striven for, it stands to good reason there is a spiritual truth to be obtained and evil to be shunned also, as Edmund Burke recognized when he spoke of good and evil.

Consequently, it follows there is an actual spiritual battle over these truths, unseen to mortal eyes, going on. This spiritual battle is for the life of our country as well as the individual. Contrary to the propaganda being disseminated in the political arena, America was founded on Biblical principles. These principles brought liberty. They could do nothing else as they are the very nature of God himself. Hence, the liberation of the mind, body and soul…and country. Let us not concern ourselves with our reputations, good or bad, let us do what is eternally right in the sight of God and the country will remain free. Liberty, so hard won and costly in its preservation, must not be surrendered.

Gary Ervin
New Philadelphia, OH


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