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To the Editor:
On behalf of the Malvern Community Development Fund (MCDF), I wish to thank everyone who made the Malvern Christmas tree project possible this year. The trees look extraordinarily beautiful.

Tree decorators included Carol Brawley, Jim Chase, Dakota Fisher, Lisa Hudson, Karen Wackerly, Jackie Contini, Beth Meiser, Trish Meiser, Susan Joyce, Joanne Cinson.

Alan Artzner, Malvern council president and MCDF trustee, organized buying, transporting and planting the trees.  The planting crew included Dick Ferguson, John Unkefer (who transported all the trees to Malvern), Alan Artzner, Jody Brabant, Willlie Moon, Jim Cinson, Ryan Cambell and Corey Evans. The Community Tree was donated by Jeremy Downs’ family.

Tree sponsors include the Victor Ferguson Family, Jim and Charm Woods, Robert and Sally Furey, Tom and Flo Furey, G.L. Auto Glass, Malvern American Legion Post 375, Don and Nettie LeBeau, Contini Insurance Agency and Dominick & Cindy Olivito. 
Most of our donors sponsor trees in honor of or in memory of loved ones.  These include: the Furey Family, in memory of Alta and Louis Furey; Larry DeDent in memory of Harry and Murline DeDent; Dave & Patty Van Horn in memory of Evelyn and Ray Bobo; Susan Joyce, Beth and Trish Meiser, in memory of Harrison Meiser Jr., and another tree in memory of Anne Wells Meiser; Steve Adams & Barb Crater, in memory of Catherine Adams; Thomas Mertz in memory of Bette Mertz; Shirley Columbo in memory of Joseph A. Columbo; Malvern Alpha Sorosis Club in honor of members past and present; John and Melanie Campbell, in memory of Herman & Olga Ryan and  Donald Campbell; Paul Chudzinski in memory of Evelyn J. Chudzinski; Joseph Klekotta in memory of Jean Klekotta; Jacquelin Russell, Rick & Debra Russell & family, Tammy McDermott & family, in memory of Wayne Russell; Lorraine Galay Baldwin & Barb Burwell, in memory of Myron Galay and Charles & Sophia Galay; Twila Pottorf in memory of Joe and Helen Romano; Angelo Markino in memory of James Sr. and Mary Markino; the Schmidt Family, in memory of Denny & Bruce; Robert & Marlene Crowl, in memory of David; Florence Richards, in memory of Chuck, Mitch, & Marcia; Dave LePore in memory of Mike and Kate Leper (LePore),  Wayne Woodruff, Robert Laubacher, and Robert Kettering; Doug & Kathi Schmidt, in memory of Thomas Burwell; Wynne Van Lanen,  in memory of Carl & Libby; in memory of Cheryl Byrd from her mother, sisters & brother; Ruth Kocher & family in memory of Dean Kocher; Michael J. Hulit in memory of Steve Mohr; June Martin in memory of Collin;  Karen Wackerly in memory of Dick, Mary & Dan Wackerly; Bob & Joanne Cinson, in memory of Joseph & Catherine Monsman; Lee & Linda Faa  in memory of Dominick & Louise Cinson and Leland & Elois Faa; Dr. Lynette M. Angeloni, in memory of Kate & “Feathers” Angeloni; Lisa Hudson, Darlene Bentley, Roger Bausher and grandchildren, in memory of Marcia Lu Bausher; Louis & Jill Bosh, in memory of Clarence & Mabel Laubacher; Bill & Darletta Shank, in memory of Brian Eddleman; James Smith, in memory of Patsy & Tina Recchio; Patricia Reed, in memory of her  Emanon Club sisters & family, and another tree in honor of Jack Polen; Jacqueline Contini, in memory of Dick Contini; in memory of Terry L. Bagshaw Sr., from Janice, Terry, Jason, Mark and grandkids; John Scandridge, in memory of Roy & Gladys Scandridge and Denny & Joan Scandridge; Leanna Weir, in memory of Warren & Marjorie Shorb; Cedar Outdoor Furniture, in memory of loved ones; and Tami Kinser of Serenity Salon, in memory of Brenton Kinser.

Lynette Angeloni decorated her tree with a Dairy Queen theme, in memory of her parents, who operated the first Dairy Queen in Malvern.  Everyone is invited to come to Malvern during the holiday season and enjoy the decorated trees.

Carol Brawley
Christmas Tree Chairperson and
Malvern Community Development Fund Trustee      



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