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To the Editor:
The government’s U6 unemployment number, which counts the number of people who no longer are looking for work, is 13.1 percent: a figure seen during the Great Depression. This number is closer to reality than the numbers we are given. All you need to do is ask yourself how in the world can 92 million able-bodied Americans not be working and have the unemployment rate be at 6.7 percent? Each month more come into the workforce than there are jobs being created, so why does the unemployment number keep coming down?

So, if 92 million Americans are not counted in the unemployment rate and the only ones counted are those still looking for work and they stop looking, we can have an unemployment rate of zero percent.

This area is just one of many in which the administration focus is to use smoke and mirrors to fool all of us into believing everything is all right. Sad to say but too few question leaders and too many believe everything they put out.

Randy Miller
Carrollton, OH


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