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To the Editor:
The Founder’s choice – the balanced center, sounds like a brand of coffee, doesn’t it?

The Founder’s choice – the balanced center is in reference to America’s founding father’s understanding of political truth as opposed to the current political science being taught. This article is an attempt to simplify the complicated given the need for brevity here.

In September 2013, The Free Press Standard published a letter I wrote entitled, “ Fascism, Communism’s Stepchild.” This letter is a sequel to that letter. In that letter, I explained, “For over 90 years Americans have been told Fascism is right wing political philosophy and we are, by the process of elimination, to place communism on the left wing.” I went on to explain,, “If there were a left wing and a right wing, God-given freedom would be on the right wing and all the ‘isms’ (tyranny) of history would be on the left.”

Here’s the dirty little secret: There is no left wing or right wing in terms of understanding political truth as the Founders’ understood it. It’s true that you may be forced to sue this secular political terminology to communicate with someone who doesn’t know the truth given those 90 years have had the desired negative effect on the American psyche.

In reality, there is no left and right as the media presents it. So, what is there?
You must first understand there were no political parties at the country’s founding and that was deliberate. We have a written constitution instead. The Founders knew political factions or parties were the curse of every attempt at free government in history. They divide people.

Ideological factions are manmade and the fodder for division and tyranny. Because all freedom is God-given you’re either free or you’re not. The same holds true for nations as well. Therefore, the Founders understood only in the precarious balanced center is there liberty.

Lastly, here is where a true left and right exists politically. On the left are all man made “isms” or 100 percent government tyranny and on the right is zero percent government or anarchy. It’s only in the balanced center where you find God’s law and the Founder’s Constitutional liberties.

Gary Ervin
New Philadelphia. OH


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