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To The Editor:
We want to congratulate the following Carrollton High School Alumni who were inducted into the Carrollton Schools Alumni Foundation Hall of Fame at our Annual banquet on May 9th. held at Atwood Lake Resort and Golf Club: Dr. Ray E. George, Class of 1938; Dennis R. Ray, Class of 1974; Atty. Sean R.H. Smith, Class of 1974; and Roger A. Westfall, Class of 1970.

We would like to thank all members and guests who attended the event. A special thanks to Mike Albert, class of 1972 for singing the Alma Mater; Rev. Daryl Haynam, class of 1974, for giving the benediction; and U.S.A.F. Chief Master Sgt. Michael Joseph, class of 1989, for leading the Pledge of Allegiance, Beth Zollars Tonsky, class of 1974, who acted as master of ceremonies. Appreciations go to Board members, Doreen Abrahims, class of 1974, who gave a presentation on the Classroom Grants awarded for the 2013-2014 school year and Phyllis Newell, class of 1966, who lead the Fight Song to close the event. Thanks to the Board of Education members who attended and to Carrollton Schools Superintendent Dr. David Quattrochi for his kind remarks and for his percussion accompaniment to the Fight Song. To Gerry Walters Marteney, class of 1964, for recruiting new members at the event and especially to Shirley Snively Walter, class of 1967, who coordinated ticket sales. Appreciation extended to Lynn Dunlap, class of 1967, for making the photo frames used for displaying inductees photographs on the “Wall of Fame” located in the High School and John Walker, class of 1969, and wife Gail, retired CHS librarian, for matting the pictures. Thank you to Richard McElroy, class of 1965 and past recipient, for providing each inductee with a copy of his latest book.

We thank each of the attendees who are members of the Foundation, those who joined the Foundation that evening and all those who gave generous donations. Without your support, we would not be able to continue our work to providing funding to benefit the public school children in the Carrollton Exempted Village School System.

Thanks to the Atwood Resort for their generous donation of a one-night stay with breakfast for two which was given to a lucky member of the foundation that evening. Also, to Deborah Oberlin, sales and catering manager at Atwood for all that she did to make this a memorable evening.

Finally, we want to thank the 2014 Board of Trustees members for their hard work and dedication.

For more information about the Foundation, its mission and support we give to the school,go to our website: www.carrolltonalumni.org.

Helen McElroy Lewis and Valerie Johnson Wohlwend
2014 Banquet Chairwomen
Carrollton Schools Alumni Foundation, Inc.


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