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To the Editor:
The Carroll Soil & Water Conservation District staff and board would like to thank Chesapeake Energy Corp. for their recent donation of a new desktop computer. The Soil & Water office reached out to Chesapeake’s Aimee Belden recently, seeking financial assistance for the purchase of a new computer that will be used in the writing of conservation plans. It will also be the sole computer with which the Soil & Water employees can access the NRCS’ program materials. This new computer will replace a very old and outdated computer Soil & Water employees share for all NRCS related business. The addition of this computer will greatly improve the efficiency with which the employees can access vital soils information, email and conservation planning materials.

Landowners are encouraged to contact the Carroll Soil & Water office to have a conservation plan written. The development of conservation plans is a free service provided by the local conservation district to assist landowners/operators determine solutions to natural resource concerns on their land. The plans outline best management practices and offer landowners a personalized guide to caring for their property. If you would like to have a conservation plan written, contact the Carroll Soil & Water office at 330-627-9852.

Linda Yeager
District Administrator
SWCD staff and board members


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