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To the Editor:
Below is a list of the history of some of the Malvern Schools. Malvern as a community has supported these schools in the past. Now on Aug. 6, we are given the opportunity to continue that support by voting yes.
* In 1846 our first school was built on Robertsville Road.
* A school was also built on the site of the old Art Leyda home.
* There was a school on Blade Road, called the Oneida School.
* On Lemon Road, left off of Canton Road going toward Carrollton, there was another school.
* Another school was the Turkey Hollow School. This was located on Krone Road.
* In 1880 on Carroll County 20 was the Lewis School also know as Chestnut Ridge.
* The Middle Run School was located on the present site of Lake Mohawk.
* In 1859 a school known as the Academy was at the corner of Wood Street and Reed Avenue on the right. It was also known as the Malvern Select School or Malvern Union School. It was a school of higher learning with foreign languages and drama. Tuition was paid. Teachers were on site, but also had visiting professors. In the 1900 Carroll County Census, it showed that Ruth Laubender, (my Great Aunt) of Malvern taught French. She was 36 years of age. The Academy was razed in 1933. The Christian Church had classes there while their church was being built.
* 1891 was the year another Malvern School was built. It housed grades 1 through 12. This school was razed around 1970 where the present Elementary Building is now standing.
* Plans of a new school were pending in the 1920’s and our present Malvern High School was built in 1928. Several additions were added after that.
*New Harrisburg only had a grade school. After Malvern High School was built a high percentage of New Harrisburg students were enrolled at Malvern, but some went to Carrollton.

When I was a cheerleader, in 1942 and 1943, sports were played in our district in every town that had a school. This included Augusta, Perrysville, Sherrodsville, Malvern, Waynesburg and Magnolia. We also played Carrollton and Minerva. The cheerleaders were not allowed to ride the school bus and we had to find our own way to the games.

We are the only small town listed above that has its own school. Let us keep it that way. We do not want to lose our identity. If we are absorbed into other districts, we will be taxed according to that district’s tax rate, and pay the taxes wherever our students go. So lets keep our students in Malvern. Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, August 6, and to vote yes!

Frances Thomas Montella
Malvern, OH


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