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To the Editor:
During my 15 years as cruelty investigator, I have witnessed too many scenes just like the details described by Carroll County Animal Protection League President Eileen Rohrer, referring to a Minerva residence. But of course my picture didn’t get front page coverage of the newspaper. The last time I participated in a scenario such as this, healthy animals died as well. I was quoted as saying there was nothing I could do and that is true, I said it. I have no resources to hold that many cats pending trial. I did offer a solution, but it wasn’t what they wanted to hear.

We have a very serious pet overpopulation problem, especially cats. The Humane Society spends over $20,000 a year on the spay/neuter assistance program, another $5,000 paying medical bills for injured strays. We offer three low-cost rabies clinics each year throughout the county and cruelty investigations. We help many animals live a better life by educating their owners on how to properly care for them. All this with virtually no recognition or pictures in local papers.

Each day we receive 10 to 20 calls from people wanting us to take cats. This is seven days a week. What can be done? Mrs. Rohrer’s group is working toward a shelter and, if that becomes a reality, how many cats will there be room for? What happens to the rest of the stray cats?

For 12 years Nancy McMillen and I worked with Dr. Terry and Nancy Owen spaying and neutering cats. Dr. Owen made it affordable by donating his time and charging only for supplies. These were dogs as well, but we concentrated on barn and feral cats. We provided this service and prevented literally hundreds of thousands of births. Sadly, Dr. Owen retired and moved away but we continue to promote neutering.

The moral of the story is spay or neuter your pet.

Shirl Berry
Carrollton, OH


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