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To the Editor:
Over the past few weeks, the news is often full of stories of crime and horror. In the news we have seen an airplane vanish, a mud slide in Washington state and Russia in takeover mode. At times like these, we find ourselves getting discouraged, we worry, and, at times, we lose our faith in the world that is revolving around us. The world has changed from what it was when we were growing up. What should not change is our faith.

To keep faith is to maintain a deep internal knowledge that there is always hope and that things will absolutely work out for the best. With this, we need an understanding that it is not important for us to know exactly what “the best” will be like. Faith does not require an active “hoping” for a certain outcome even when our logical minds can find no rhyme or reason in the events taking place in our lives.
To keep faith allows us to have the assurance that whatever the twists and turns, trials and tribulations of our lives, we have the strength to navigate them and we will undoubtedly gain much from the experiences.

To keep faith, we do not need to follow any particular Christian religion. Faith does not have to be in anything at all. It can exist just in of itself. Some people find it easier to keep faith when they have a certain set of beliefs or a powerful higher being to direct that faith toward. I believe the important thing is only that we have faith and commit to trusting both in our own distinctive strength and flexibility and in the perfect order of the world.

A lot of our insecurities come from an awareness that we’ve veered off the straight path from God or from our inner fear that we’re not living as we’re called to live. When we get onto a crooked path in our journey of life we, as humans, begin to fall away from God and faith. Being strong spiritually means we feel we are walking in our lives where we are meant to walk and we are being watched and protected by God. There’s enormous security in that feeling, knowing and feeling Our Lord is walking with us.

Keep your spirituality strong in difficult times and worthy times. Pay attention to your spiritual life. It will comfort your progress over the difficult times. Keep up regularly on prayer, fellowship, service and worship. Faith in action: Hebrews 11:1 (NIV) “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”
Whatever life brings, let us keep our faith level high above our fears. If we keep faith that we can triumph in good times and bad, there is nothing we cannot overcome!

Lay Minister Edward L. Hale
Perrysville and Pleasant Hill UMC


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