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To the Editor:
Atwood Lake Lodge is a very well-known local resort in Dellroy, Ohio.  The lodge first opened in 1965 and has made much progress till recently.  The local resort went out of business in the month of October 2010.  Atwood Lodge went under in business due to increasing deficits within in the last 2 years of the resort being open.  At one point in time a decision was made that the lodge would just be left empty and not used.  Within the last few months a lot has changed with the plans for the lodge.  Carroll County Commissioners decided to come up with a productive plan to proceed with the Atwood Lodge being open for business.  As of right now there is a search for companies to pitch in with the Atwood plans.  The lodge is very loved by the local community that surrounds this resort.  How will they feel with non-local business’s coming in and taking over their Atwood Lodge?

The Free Press Standard recently posted an article on the front page about the business’s that are wanting to help pitch in on Atwood Lodge’s plans.  These companies are not from Carroll County.  When trying to bring in a non-local business owner you will at times get people that truly do not have the respect for our small town Dellroy.  Many of the citizens of Dellroy have grown to love how Atwood Lake Lodge successfully ran their business.  A non-local company taking over the lodge can create conflict between the town and the business. 

Bringing in new companies from different states and communities can have a major effect on the town.  The companies may have different ideas for the lodge.  There has been talk about turning it into a nursing home or a satellite center for a college.  For many citizens this would be a terrible change because they have formed an emotional attachment to the way the Atwood Lodge has been for these past years.  There are many employees that worked at the Atwood Lodge before it shut down that are hoping they are able to get their previous jobs back.  With a non-local company coming in they might not be as considerate when it comes to rehiring employees and may only consider others.  Not only do citizens looking for a job have to worry about this, they also have to worry about the companies already having employees for their new business.  Employees traveling to live here can cause over population and many jobs lost for our local citizens.  Dellroy is known for being a small town; if you are to bring in more people, eventually the local citizens will no longer have their “small town” idea.  Having a non-local company coming in and taking over a very well-known local resort can have many disadvantages.

Our small town Dellroy has had Atwood Lake Lodge around for many years.  Playing golf, overlooking the lake, swimming, and staying in the beautiful resort are just some of the magnificent attractions the lodge has to offer.  Allowing a non-local company could ruin the idea of our lodge, take away jobs, and overpopulate our small town. 

Kayla Jones
Stark State College student


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