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To the Editor:
As a concerned citizen, I am expressing my feelings as to why we are unable to receive the help and care with problems by our property. I am referring to the pond built by our house between 2nd St. SW and Moody Ave. in Carrollton.
It’s been about three years since they (the village of Carrollton) completed the pond and it has caused us much concern.

Mr. Fowler (former village administrator) promised us at that time it would be further away from our home but they came too close, therefore causing more water to flow on our property.

Different people in charge over the three years said we would love it after it was done. Ha, Ha, not so. There is still an area of tree ruts, holes and dirt lying by the pond. No one seems to care how it looks and wants to finish the job of cleaning up. I have asked many times to have this done.

We were also promised by Mr. Fowler that he had pine trees donated by a local nursery pine tree farm to be planted so we had more privacy from Moody Ave. It never happened.

We have had to live with more mice and different ants than we ever had. When the village cuts the grass, they do a reasonable job but on top of the pond and down on our side, piles of grass are left that blow on our property when they dry. Not nice.

My lawn man cuts our grass three times in April and cleans up loose grass.
The village didn’t come to cut the grass at the pond until May 1 and made a real mess. They also should have sprayed dandelions before cutting the grass. I will now have them all over my lawn.

Our lawn man came the next day and had to clean up what the village left behind. Does it take a lot of thought to see the problem and clean it up?
Mr. Mayor said everyone must clean up their property in May. Does this also include the village?

The drains behind our house are all full of dirt and grass clippings coming from the pond and drain. They have never been cleaned out. Water can not run out and it makes a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

We have kept our property up as the law states for the 20 years we have lived here. No garbage sitting around our home.

Mr. Mayor, maybe you and your crew should ride around and look at properties and see how many have garbage and trash sitting around that has drawn different animals that spread the garbage.

We are not picking on anyone; we just want the same consideration others receive.

Since I am very ill and unable to do my own work, I must hire people to do it for me, but I still make sure it’s done correctly.
Jack Russell
Helene Russell
Carrollton, OH


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