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To the Editor:
We want to commend Mrs. Heather Shive and the students in the Bell-Herron vocal music program for their recent success. In April at the Middle School Solo and Ensemble competition, Bell-Herron clearly had the largest contingent present and had a great number of soloists and ensembles receive superior and excellent ratings. The students were very supportive of each other and although some of the soloists were clearly nervous, they still performed well. Mrs. Shive deserves a superior rating for motivating and encouraging these young men and women to step outside their comfort zones to achieve things they didn’t think they could.

On May 11, they participated in Music in the Parks at Kennywood and once again they stole the show. All three choirs won their divisions and the fourth and eighth period choir won best overall. Parents from another school commented about how well disciplined the Bell-Herron students were and it was recognized when Bell-Herron took home the Esprit de Corps award for spirit and behavior. The students were rewarded for their hard work with an enjoyable day at Kennywood.

The middle school music program is a terrific way for these students to learn teamwork and see the fruits of their efforts and leaves a very positive impression of Carrollton on those in other communities. We are proud to be associated with this group of young people.

We want to thank the administration for allowing our students to participate in Music in the Parks. It is vital to our children’s education that they have a variety of ways in which to experience individual achievement, team cooperation and opportunity to explore their many talents. Music, drama, sports, academic competitions, clubs and more are as important to education as the classroom. Please continue to support these programs for the kids.

Congratulations again to all the students, Mrs. Shive, their accompanists, Principal Tricia Green, our bus drivers, chaperones and parents who were involved in making this year so successful. We look forward to next year’s choirs as well as to seeing these students as they move on to the high school program.

Steve and Mindy Wilsford
Carrollton, OH


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