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To the Editor:
We have a group of people in the county called Concerned Citizens who have their only contact with the drilling of natural gas and oil wells and the mining of coal. Well the gas and oil wells have drilled down at least 5,000 feet and then they go out into the shale supply from which they gather the gas and oil. All of these wells are cemented with concrete for the first 5,000 feet and in no way could they get into the water wells that are only 200 or so feet down.

We also have a coal company who at its best goes at least 300-400 feet to get the coal out, unless they surface mine the coal, then they only go to about 100-150 feet. Now they are very careful to make sure that no leakage goes into the water wells that are supposed to check their wells. Now this vein of coal is only about 48 inches but is high in sulfur and ash and that is why they truck the coal to other areas to wash the coal and therefore reduce the sulfur and produce clean coal.

Consider the amount of holes that have been made by Miller etc. people for the gas company. These holes have yet to be paved and will they get it done before school starts?

There is a lot more other stuff that they should look at. This is their folly.
1. We need better schools that are not in danger to collapse and are up to date, computers, desks, clean restrooms, good heating and cooling systems. After all don’t you do this at home?

2. School buses need to have good drivers and good busses.

3. To get this all done, you need to make sure that you are getting the bang from your money.

4. We need clean cafeterias and we do not use them for anything else, just food.

5. We want good teachers also, to teach them, and pay good money to keep them.

To do all these things we need money so we pass school levies.

Ralph L. Lloyd
Carrollton, OH


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