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 To the Editor:
Well, this is a good day. When one redeems themselves it’s a good day.  But, I didn’t do it alone. Redeem, I mean. I had help.

I’ve never voted against a school levy.  Ever.  In all my years of voting, never turned down a school levy until past school levy.

I would like to say it was because my kids are out of school. Or, seniors are on a fixed income or property taxes are too high as it is or is getting dry.

But that’s not true.  I think I am the sole person who keeps Dollar General in business,  so if I have money for candles and little bags of cookies and Paula Dean’s magazine then I can stir up the pot for other things.  I was going to vote this levy down again.  And then I got a phone call  at 9:15 at night; and at 9:15 at night, I am out like a light; sleeping.

The call was from my 16-year-old granddaughter, Delaney Rae. She said, “Grandma, it’s Delaney.  Is it true you are going to vote down the school levy?”   I pondered that question for a split second and then I said, “ Hello? Hello? Do we have a bad connection?” 
Delaney asked me questions about my reasoning.  I tried to answer them.  I tried to justify my decision. I came up with no justifications that would come even remotely close to turning my back on her and Emmie and Max and their friends and their future and the need to do for them what others did for my kids and on down the line. Sometimes  trying to keep up the old  is more costly than forging ahead on the new. Upkeep is expensive.  People my age can attest to that statement.

This new school is a long time coming. Yes it will cost money.  But there is no better money spent than on our Malvern students. I’m going to ask those students to be happy and work hard and be proud.  I’m also going to thank Delaney for waking me up out of a sound sleep and fighting for every vote needed knowing that she will not benefit from this new school, but her brother and sister will. 
 Lastly, kudos to the voters. This school will be a huge plus for this community.
 Now, let’s try to move this project along with local workers, local suppliers and local talent.
Terry Vahila
Malvern, OH


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