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To the Editor:
Recently, The United Way of Stark County and Chesapeake Energy teamed up to offer a Day of Caring in Carroll County that included Carroll County Park District. They organized almost 75 volunteers to improve Bluebird Farm Park and Carroll Community Park. Many projects were completed during the day including painting, ball field maintenance and improvements, gardening, trail maintenance including cutting a new trail at the Bluebird Farm Park.

The volunteers, from area business and agencies, came to work and completed an overwhelming amount of much needed work. Teams of volunteers accomplished projects that would have taken park personnel weeks to accomplish. These acts of kindness, through volunteerism and donations for supplies to support the work are deeply appreciated by the park district and board of park commissioners.

A heartfelt thank you to the United Way, Chesapeake Energy and all those who supported the Day of Caring projects at the Bluebird Farm Park and Carroll Community Park.

Dale A. Alexander, Executive Director
Carroll County Park District
Carrollton, OH


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