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To the Editor:
A majority of the American people have realized they can elect politicians who will raid the treasury for their benefit. These people are more and more dependent on government handouts for their livelihood which will result in their decreased ability or desire to become self-reliant. We all have heard the park ranger say, “ do not feed the bears; they will become dependent on handouts and lose the ability to find food on their own.”

We can’t afford these government subsidies, handouts or whatever you want to call it. We are allowing the government to go into the red each year by over a trillion dollars. That is money we have to borrow. The federal debt is nearing $17 trillion. Now our representatives want to raise the amount we can borrow to spend more. If we did that with credit cards, at some point we would be unable to pay our bills and go bankrupt. The government is no different. Even the Government Accounting Office reported in April federal spending will drive the national debt to “unsustainable” levels in the coming decade. This means the government won’t be able to pay its bills; government handouts will be gone. Good-bye life as we know it.

Too many people are going about their lives unconcerned about what’s happening. When it’s too late, they will ask, “Who let this happen?” They only have themselves to blame.

Randy Miller
Carrollton, OH


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