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To the Editor:
Twelve years ago I moved from Florida to Carroll County. I couldn’t be happier with a place to live than Malvern.

Sometime later I visited the Golden Age Retreat, Carroll Hills School and the DD workshop. What impressed me at these facilities is the dedication of the employees who care for the people living there. They seem to have an amazing dedication to their job for a wage that is less than many people would accept.
People visit these organizations, especially at holiday time, and give a lot of usually useless gifts to the residents there, but they forget the people who are so dedicated to their jobs and the people who depend on them.

I started my own little charity. I give $20 to each of the employees for their birthday and $20 to them at Christmas. This may not seem like much, but is more than anyone else in the county gives them. I can name others whom my ideas made millionaires. I never even get a thank you note from them. I get many cards from these people.

Now I am calling others in Carroll County to join me. I have asked others, but until now, no one has been interested. This is a good charity that will go 100 percent to the people who deserve it. You don’t have to donate to the county home or DD organization. There are other organizations in Carroll County wwith overworked, under appreciated and underpaid employees. Have you heard of the Friendship Center?

Fred Foit
Malvern, OH


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