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To the Editor,
As a history museum and center for history in Ohio, it’s not our role to edit or control the dialog about Ohio’s history.

April 1, we open an exhibit, Controversy: Objects You Normally Don’t See. The exhibit includes the electric chair, Ku Klux Klan robe and hood, sheepskin condom, thumb mitt and an adult crib-bed. We recognize that these objects may stir strong reactions in your communities. Our intent is not to cause distress but to allow historical objects to speak for themselves, and spur meaningful discussions. This exchange of ideas is vital to a free and democratic society. Discussion groups at the Ohio Historical Society will be a part of the community-based elements of this exhibit.

The exhibit will be in a separate gallery and open to adults 18+ or those accompanied by an adult. There is a Special Exhibit Admission of $5 plus the General Admission fee. This allows us to assure that those entering the exhibit have made a conscious decision to do so. 

We hope people throughout the country visit the exhibit and then share thoughts with us. History is not just a part of the past, but it is alive and it influences us every day.

Burt Logan
Executive Director & CEO
Ohio Historical Society
Columbus, OH 


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