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To the Editor:
We have lived in this tiny little nook in the valley in Ohio for as long as we can remember. The best little town is Bergholz. The best people live here. We are always helping and watching out for our neighbors making sure everyone is safe and sound.
The newest addition to our community is Dr. Ayman Fakeh. His is from Trinity Family Care Center and runs an office in Bergholz two days a week. He joins our community ready to serve and take care of the people who live within it. This man is definitely dedicated to the health and wellness of Bergholz.

We are his patients and are extremely pleased with the care and affection he shows us. This doctor has gone above and beyond his call of duty for us and many others as well. He knows we are older and it is an effort to get out and about to get to his office, located only three blocks away. This man will come to our house to check on us, give us check-ups and even deliver a birthday gift. We are so blessed to have this man. He gives us peace of mind that if we need him, he is always there for us.
We believe Bergholz is a community where people will be able to grow up and grow old because they have the support they need to live here. There are many wonderful things about Bergholz. Dr. Fakeh just makes it even better.

Dale and Ruth Palmer
Bergholz, OH


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