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To the Editor:
Who is looking out for the best interest of the Carroll County Airport?

I was at the Carroll County Airport Restaurant April 19 when the airport manager came in and sat at the table with my wife (owner of the restaurant) and I.

Additionally, several other patrons were present. I am currently the groundskeeper at the airport. The manager proceeded to tell me I was no longer needed to do the mowing of the grass. Of course, I asked, “Why?” His answer to me was that they think they have someone who can do a better job and he was starting soon.

I wonder if my firing was directly related to what was reported in local newspapers a few weeks prior. You be the judge. Were my civil rights violated? I asked the manager if the decision was made at a meeting. He said, “no,” adding it was a conflict of interest and personal also. When did such action not have to be presented at a board meeting? When did personal issues justify losing my job? He told me it was like pushing a rope up a hill. I am very confused as to what this statement means and that no explanation or clarification of that pun was received when I asked the manager.

I heard through the small talk of our town that a board member had been calling the gentlemen who previously tended to the grounds to ask if they would be interested in the mowing position. Both men told him, “no.” I respect these gentlemen. Never in my time as an employee was I ever been disciplined by them. It was important to me that the snow was always plowed in the winter months for safety issues and accessibility to the runway for flights in and out of the airport. In the summer, I went the extra mile to keep the grass strips well groomed. I was proud of having the job at the airport. Was this action justifiable?

Harry Stansbury
Carrollton, OH


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