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To the Editor:
I will not be voting for the new school (Brown Local) because the retired, disabled veterans and most people of low income cannot afford to pay more taxes than has already been added to our cost of living with a vote done by the Ohio lawmakers since the last election.

Also, Medicare rates are going up with less benefits, more co-pays. Plus the retired, disabled and veterans only got a raise last year of 1.7% and this January it will probably be less than that.

The banks do not pay enough interest now to help increase savings either. Did you see the McDonald’s spread sheet that recently came out, those workers had no money for food, utilities, etc. and they had two jobs.

The administration should be ashamed that the old school was not maintained and work to get it fixed, instead of working so hard for a new school, plus I have not seen any detailed quotations from any body on the costs to repair the old school.

The inspector that Ms. Griffith (Griffin) talks about does not impress me, that worthless fence out front would not keep out anybody, he must not know much about safety.

Speaking about out front the upkeep is terrible with trees and weeds growing in the bushes. A new school would also get run down and not maintained either.
And about the flood issue, I see Malvern is going to have a survey done to see if that was correct in the first place. Some home owners I have talked to around the school said they have not heard anything more about the flood plain.
There is not any cost cutting measures with double dipping, rehiring a person at $50,000 a year is not saving any money, this position should be eliminated or hire a younger person for less money who would do 2 or 3 jobs at a lower salary.

Since enrollment is going down staff reductions should be done, it used to be run with much less staff. East Canton has cut 5 bus drivers and told any student living in the village to find their own way to school.

Clarence Leyda Jr.
Malvern, OH


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