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To the Editor:
When I read that Carrollton High School was terminating the JROTC program I wasn’t just sad, I was heartbroken knowing that future students who choose the military after graduation will not have the opportunity to benefit from this program. The JROTC isn’t just another program; it’s an excellent program. It teaches loyalty, discipline, to be physically and mentally tough, respect, selfless, service, honor, integrity and personal courage.

Just as college prep classes are necessary to prepare students for college, the JROTC program is necessary to prepare students who choose to enlist in the military. Those of you who do not have a family member serving in the military may not understand this. I know first hand it is a fact.

My grand daughter was a 2013 graduate who was in the JROTC program for four years and is now serving in the United States Army. Due to her four years of training, she was inducted at a higher rank (which meant a significant pay raise). During her basic combat training, she was promoted to Pfc and selected as a squad leader. She said the experience she had in JROTC made the training and classes much easier. She graduated from basic combat training as an honor graduate and from ATI as a distinguished graduate. And you say JROTC is not a useful and necessary program?
First God was taken out of our schools. Now CHS chooses to terminate an excellent military program from the school. What is next?

How is this program financed? Is it financed wholly or partially through government funds? What part of financing is the school’s responsibility? This is some of the questions I and the public need answered.

To the administration and board members I say, “bite the bullet” and find a way to keep JROTC.

Jacquelin Russell
Proud grandmother of Pfc Justine McDermott
Malvern, OH


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