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To the Editor:
During the past 40 years, I have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly in the Carrollton Exempted Village School District. As a previous 35-year employee and currently a school board member, I have worked with seven different superintendents and numerous hard-working staff members. Most importantly, I had the privilege of working directly and indirectly with all the students in the educational process. Our students are priceless and will be our future leaders and our caretakers.

It is evident that a trust issue has existed for many years and continues today. Over the years, a lack of communication and bad decision making created negative feelings which reach back to 1977 when the last levy passed. It has been 36 years since we have invested a little more in our children’s education and yet the cost of technology, textbooks, buses, fuel, building repairs, etc., continue to rise. How long do board members and administration have to atone for bad decisions made in the past? How long do our students do without updated textbooks, technology to prepare for the future and safe conditions in our old buildings?

The current school board and administration have been working diligently to be transparent and trustworthy and to provide stronger lines of communication. We are trying to build the trust needed to work together collaboratively with families, staff members, businesses and community members. We need your help to improve this effort to reach out to everyone.

It disheartens me to hear the personal attacks and negative comments being made in our community about our administrators, school operations, etc. Please check your facts before spreading incorrect and malicious information. Call the superintendent or board members and ask questions or meet to discuss your concerns.

On Nov. 5, we are asking for a five-year operational levy to help our schools continue to retain current programs. We continue to move in a positive direction to provide textbooks and technology for our students, nutritious meals in our cafeterias, excellent instruction in our classrooms, safe buses on the roads, constant building repairs, etc. Please examine your hearts and get the facts to make a decision on the ballot that will positively impact our priceless students. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Rose Seck
Carrollton School Board member


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