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To the Editor:
RE: “Superintendent throws no curves in pitch for 5.3 mill levy”
I have a few observations regarding the above:

1. Can Dr. Quattrochi play hard ball with special school interest groups?
2. Ohio health care plans for teachers are unsustainable. The administration must “pitch” to the elephant in the room - healthcare costs!

3. “Teachers accepted a pay freeze and agreed to pay $100 premiums per month for family insurance and $50 per month for single insurance.” Outrageous. Egregious folly. What a golden parachute! People on Social Security didn’t get a raise in 2010 and 2011. In 2012, they got a 1.5 percent raise. Have you seen the latest increase for seniors? Individuals on fixed incomes pay on average $250 a month for Medicare Part B premiums.

4. The article didn’t review the bloated salaries of various administrators, coaches, and various support personnel. Oh yes, you did. The district hired a registered dietician “at a salary nearly double the supervisor who retired...” How did the district feed kids with the other cafeteria manager at such a low wage? This decision exhibits a lack of reasoned financial judgment.

5. I still have the financial expertise to review school finances, and your discussion with Carol McIntire (editor), and past performance shows a lack of political courage and will for this administration to step up to the plate and play hard ball on behalf of students and taxpayers.

6. Eliminating excess and waste is part of the job. Bloated benefits and wages shows shortsighted vision and financial planning. The only financial plan I see from Dr. Quattrochi is collect a check and do what old school educational leaders have often done - Ask voters to give them more money to spend! How successful has that plan been for school improvement in the last 75 years? Many schools haven’t improved and the feds, the state, and the locals still go to the public trough for more.

7. No to the tax levy. It doesn’t work for kids or taxpayers.

Jerry W. Owens


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