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To the Editor:
My wife and I are supporters of the arts, the Arts Center in Carrollton, in particular. In fact, we are financial patrons of the local facility and its initiatives. Having said that, we were surprised and dismayed to learn the Arts Director was dismissed.

We felt she brought fresh ideas and a new enthusiasm to the center. Obviously we are not privy to the board’s decision process, but one has to wonder how serious the intention is in promoting the Arts going forward.

When the director was able to more than double the contributions in one year (2010 = $6,235 vs. 2011 = $13,572 so far), introduced many new successful programs for all ages and finally brought ”Arts awareness” to our county, it is difficult to understand the rationale behind the decision.

Maybe it was a budget issue, maybe something else, but the bottom line is that the Arts initiative in this county has been diminished.

This kind of decisive actions makes us personally pause and maybe take a second look at our decision to substantially fund the organization in the future.

Carroll County needs more exposure to the Arts – not less!

Suzanne and Fred Dudley
Atwood Lake Area residents


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