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If for no other reason
Is there a real need for voters to pass the operational levy for the Carrollton school district?

The answer is an emphatic yes. But, for many voters to get to that “yes” is not so easy.

There are many reasons why the same levy failed a few months ago.

One would be that a levy hasn’t been passed in connection with the district in over 35 years. The district has soldiered on and many people think it will and can just continue to do so.

Many know that schools have taken cuts in state and federal funding. They even know that many state and federal mandates are still in place, but school district officials are left to somehow come up with a way to fund them.

Because of situations such as this the district is coming close to being strapped for cash. It’s right now digging into it’s rainy day fund. It’s spending more than it’s bringing in and using up reserves. Is it spending that reserve the way it should...bare bones?  Mostly. The answer would be a solid Yes, but for a few not so smart and untimely decisions in our estimation. 

Then there are the isolated reasons for not supporting a levy, which when put together, usually spell failure at the polls:

- I won’t vote for it because the board hired a cafeteria supervisor at a considerably higher salary than what the former supervisor was making.

- The gym door is propped open at times during the school day. Why spend money on security systems, if anyone can walk into the school?

- Why is there a dress code if it isn’t followed and policed? How is my kid suppose to learn if he’s distracted?

- What about discipline? What about personal cell phone usage during school hours?

- Why doesn’t my kid get to play in games more than he or she does?

- Why does it take my child over an hour to get home on the bus, when it takes me in my car 10 minutes?

- I just don’t think I can afford being taxed more.

- I’m on a fixed income.

- I think administrators are paid too much.

- I know teachers should make more, but most probably make more than I do.

And, the list of reasons can go on and on.

We’ve all heard them at one time or another, in one form or another.

The problem with the school district, any school district, is that it just happens to be a large employer which caters to and interacts with a tremendously large number of individuals - students, parents, grandparents, alumni - we all have our own ideas, our own gripes and sometimes solutions. The problem is the vast majority of us do absolutely nothing to help. We just gripe and point fingers.

We all need to understand the Carrollton school district is not an adversary. The Carrollton school district is us. It’s not a bunch of old broken down buildings. It is us. It always has been.

It doesn’t make any difference whether you have children or grandchildren in school right now. You are still part of the fabric that is the district. You have an investment in the district. You always will have. Whether you’ve lived here a year or a hundred years it is a part of you and so is every child that walks through school district doors.

If you really want to know whether or not you can afford to pay for the measure for a short five years, go to the school complex, park your vehicle, get out and watch our future enter or exit the buildings.

That little kid wearing the hand-me-down, too big for his head ball cap is only now formulating in his still developing mind what he would like to be when he grows up. If for no other reason, don’t take away his dreams.


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