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Sept. 18
Tom and Rae Fry letter
Normandy Inn held its fourth annual Turkey/Poker Run Aug. 24...

Amanda Lancione letter
I would like to address a letter recently read claiming to contain...

Benjamin Smith letter
For the past year, I have worked inside the UEO Midstream gas plant...

John Campbell letter
I would like to thank everyone who had a part in the 75th anniversary...

Ollie Scott RN letter
Our residents and community enjoyed another excellent open house this year.

Samuel R. James letter
My biggest concern as a voter during the 2014 election is the...

Sept. 11
William Summers letter
Long championed in our nation’s storied exercise with democracy...

Malvern Community Development
To avoid any bad will in the community,

Eric McCort letter
The Carrollton Touchdown Club and the...

Judy Stidim letter
It’s the time of year when we take can tabs to...

Jim Morvatz letter
I have been following the recent controversy at the Carrollton Airport...

Sept. 4
Randy Miller letter
Our Ohio Senator, Sherrod Brown, called for a boycott of Burger King...

Jennifer Garrison letter
One of the reasons why most Ohioans are fed up with...

Pastor Edward L. Hale letter
Thirteen years have passed since four passenger airliners...

Jack Swinehart letter
On behalf of the Carroll County Volunteer Fire Department...

Marc Blanc letter
I have Dish TV. Last year I started watching channel 280 after

Aug. 28
Vicky L. Moore letter
This letter is for all you “irresponsible” and thoughtless...

Amanda N. Lancione letter
The more I read responses to my previous letter addressing my concerns...

Marcia Schaffer letter
The Carroll County District Library and Bookmobile had...

Shirl Berry letter
A steak fry sponsored by the Carroll County Humane Society...

Aug. 21
No letters this week

Aug. 14
Karen Taylor letter
The Malvern Branch Library staff would like to thank...

Anitra Meek letter
The Carrollton High School Warrior Marching Band recently...

Marc Blanc letter
I have Dish TV. Last year I started watching...

Alzana (Spilker) Nuzzolillo letter
It rained –and poured – most of the morning of Aug. 3,

Norma Jean White letter
Why did Andy Thompson vote to cut education dollars...

Coach Kevin Host letter
The summer baseball season has ended.

Lannie Ed Starks letter
I would like to address a recent letter supporting Andy Thompson.

John White letter
The last time I stopped at the Ohio State House in Columbus

Aug 7
Ralph D. Coffman letter
Well election time is here,

Ollie Hawkins letter
It was fantastic to receive such an outpouring of generosity...

Gladys Zwick letter
I remember the fair years ago when it was cheaper and more fun.

Terry Vahila letter
When I was a kid, I had no problem sharing my toys.

Karla & Mark Wells letter
We would like to take this opportunity to say thanks...

Gary Ervin letter
There is a train of thought that pervades the American psyche...

July 31
Kenny Barkan letter
Politics can be a nasty business.

Belinda Mach letter
On behalf of the Carroll County Youth League Board,

Michael Foit letter
With the midterm elections about to get in full swing,

Ellen Finnicum letter
The board and staff of the Carroll County District Library...

July 24
Eric McCort letter
The Carrollton Warrior Football Program and the Carrollton Touchdown Club...

Shirl Berry letter
The overpopulation of cats is at an alarming rate.

Cara Borland letter
We extend our thanks to all those who helped...

The Carrollton Cross Country team and coaches letter
The Carrollton Cross Country team would like to....

July 17
Scoutmaster Mark W. Walters letter
A big thank you goes out to all the great people...

Janet Smith letter
The generosity of our community is amazing!

July 3
Terry Vahila letter
I was talking to a lady in the grocery store...

Ralph Lloyd letter
On Sunday, I received a newspaper called the Times Reporter...

June 26
Bill A.Weimer letter
I once again write to suggest that the time has...

Donald A. Moskowitz letter
As a Vietnam Era Navy veteran,

Charlie Daniels letter
One thousand laid-off Ormet employees are no longer...

June 11
Wes Frew letter
On behalf of the organizing committee of the Country Energy Fest,

Randy Miller letter
Through an illegal executive order bypassing Congress,

Free Press Standard Relay Team letter
Simply saying “thank you” doesn’t adequately express...

Eileen Rohrer letter
On behalf of our members and Board of Directors,

Leon C. Lamp letter
I am a business owner at the Carroll County Airport...

June 4
Kris Mallarnee and Shawn Neeley letter
On May 22, Bell-Herron Middle School held its field day at Community Field for sixth,

May 28
Ralph Lloyd letter
I am sorry but I believe the Junior ROTC is a great thing...

Helen McElroy Lewis and Valerie Johnson Wohlwend letter
We want to congratulate the following Carrollton High School Alumni...

Willis Cline letter
The Carroll County Firefighters Association...

Carrollton FFA Alumni Silent Auction Committee letter
On behalf of the Carrollton FFA Alumni Silent Auction Committee,

McCook Lady Bowlers letter
The second annual Relay for Life no-tap Bowling Tournament...

May 21
Dorothy Moore letter
On April 27, an amazing group of exceptional CHS seniors...

Carroll County Volunteer Fire Department letter
The Carroll County Volunteer Fire Department would like to...

May 14
No letters this week

May 8
Lisa and Harry Stansbury letter
First, I would like to thank all the people who attended the April 28, 2014,

Randy J. Miller letter
Saul Alinsky was an American community organizer writer.

Larry W. Garner letter
With respect to the controversy with the Carroll County Airport Authority,

Devon Hezoucky letter
On Friday, May 2, 2014, the junior and senior students at...

April 30
Bonnie L. Mitchell letter
The HARCATUS Family Support Office of Carrollton would...

Rick Carlton letter
There have been several articles and comments published lately...

April 23
Sue Morrow letter
Common Core, the new, untested federal curriculum standard,

John Rucki letter
There is no real debate that human activity is causing changes in the climate.

Stephen C. Dowell DDS letter
The Carroll County Arts Board would like to express sincere thanks...

Craig Rodgers letter
On behalf of the Carrollton Lady Warrior Basketball Team,

Harry Stansbury letter
Who is looking out for the best interest of the Carroll County Airport?

Jacquelin Russell letter
When I read that Carrollton High School was terminating the...

April 16
Travis Ledford letter
The Carrollton Warrior Softball team would like to thank the...

Relay Basket Bingo Committee letter
The support of our community for American Cancer Society...

Dellroy Fire Department letter
Members of the Dellroy Volunteer Fire Department...

April 7
Randy Wilhelm letter
The glory days of whitetail deer hunting in Ohio are over. 

Mark Oboy letter
The Carroll County Doublebeards Chapter of the National...

Lay Minister Edward L. Hale letter
Over the past few weeks, the news is often full of stories of crime and horror.

Pat Balint letter
What a breath of fresh air! I hosted a party at the...

Georgette Huff letter
The Preventing Government Waste and Protecting Coal Mining...

April 2
Community Hospice Treasures of Time letter
Community Hospice is celebrating the success of this year’s...

Ralph Lloyd letter
On March 26, I was traveling north on Canton Rd.,

Randy Miller letter
Last December, global warming scientists visited an area...

Marc Blanc letter
I am considering running for US President or Congress/Senate.

Dale and Ruth Palmer letter
We have lived in this tiny little nook in the valley in Ohio...

Jerry Owens letter
This letter is in reference to the story titled:

March 26
Carroll County Teen Leaders 4H club letter
We would like to thank the community for coming out...

Gary Ervin letter
The Founder’s choice – the balanced center,

March 19
Sandy Erwin letter
I am writing this letter because of my own experience.

Geraldine Howard letter
I would like to draw your attention to Greg Howard who is running...

March 12
Terry Vahila letter
I listen to talk radio when I’m driving. There’s a good reason for that.

Brad Barker letter
The junior high and youth wrestling teams would like to...

Cindy Hilliard letter
As a resident of Carrollton, I would like to express my appreciation...

March 5
Marc Blanc letter
I am 74 years old and in my lifetime I have never seen so many...

Vicky L. Moore, Trustee Founder letter
I am responding to Mr. Robert Warren’s letter to the Editor in the Feb. 20...

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