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Oct. 23
Dave Devey letter
I’ve been a small business owner in Carroll County for over 30 years.

Bill Rosenberger letter
Last week at the Carrollton vs. West Branch football game,

Juanita Rogers letter
What is the matter with people in Carroll County?

Oct. 16
Paula Puch letter
“Let us not seek the Republican answer for the Democratic answer,

Barb Momyer letter
I’m amazed that people can just blame the failure to stop...

Don “Bubba” Jones letter
I’m writing in response to a letter relieving...

Oct. 9
Fran Shufelt letter
A couple weeks ago, our church managed the hot dog sand at Thorne’s.

Jason Johnson letter
I am writing to show my support for Charlie Daniels...

Fred O'Neill letter
Following the national economic meltdown that began in October 2008,

Oct. 2
Vicky L. Moore letter
My husband and I moved away from the busy  city to the peace...

Anitra Meek letter
This past Saturday, the Carrollton Warrior Marching Band...

Shirley Kohler letter
It may seem early, yet voting season is upon us.

FPS Letter Policy

The Free Press Standard welcomes letters to the editor from its readers on subjects of current interest. However, letters involving domestic or private disputes and claims against businesses will not be accepted, nor will private thank you letters or poetry.

Letters may be edited for length, grammar, taste and libel and The Free Press Standard reserves the right to reject any or all letters.

All letters must be signed with the author’s handwritten signature and names must be published in the paper. Author must include address and telephone numbers for verification.

Deadline for letters is Monday at noon.

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