Black hopes to continue family tradition, earn trip to national spelling bee

Seventh-grader Silas Black spelled his way to the top during the Southern Local School District Spelling Bee Feb. 7, but he also continued a family tradition.

Black, the son of Dale and Hoi Wah Black of Wellsville, is the third child in his family to win a school district spell-off. His two older sisters, Jasmine and Harmony, both won their county competitions and made their way to the National Scripps Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C., respectively representing Edison Local and Southern Local Schools over the past two years, and now Silas is headed to the Columbiana County Spelling Bee March 8 in Lisbon in hopes of making it three-for-three.

He completed five rounds and beat out 15 other competitors in grades 5-8 with the word “hassock”. Black said he keeps prepared with a little help from his sisters. He also has his younger brother Justice, a fifth-grader at Southern Local Elementary who also took part in the district bee for the first time and will likely return in the future.

“I feel good,” Black said of his win. “My mom makes me practice.”

Black said he comes from a long line of “hard workers” and all of that studying has helped him earn straight A’s in school. Although he does like spelling, he said his favorite school subject is math. Like other kids his age, he also enjoys playing Xbox games and has participated in basketball. He said he hopes to return to the hardwood next year at SLHS.

For now, he plans to prepare for the county bee in hopes of following his siblings’ footsteps to the nationals.

“I hope to go to nationals,” he said. “Even if I go next year, which is the last year to compete.”




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