Canton Rd. booming with construction activity

By Carol McIntire


Traffic has been restricted and delayed along Canton Rd. at the north end of the village of Carrollton as construction is underway on an existing business as well as a new business.

CARROLLTON – Motorists driving on Canton Rd. at the north end of the village of Carrollton may experience delays as construction progresses on renovations to an existing business and a new business.

The Speedway North gas station/convenience store is undergoing a renovation that is nearing completion.

John Saranzak, project manager, said the renovation includes adding a separate island for diesel trucks and driveway that wraps around the back of the building. Large trucks will now enter at an entrance near the Pizza Hut restaurant.

“This will keep the trucks away from smaller vehicles,” he said, adding that the location of the former diesel pumps is now what is known as a 3+1 pump, where diesel cars and single axle diesel trucks can fill up.

The interior of the building is receiving a complete makeover, according to Saranzak. The “Beer Cave” is being moved nearer to the pop cooler for customer convenience, restrooms upgraded to American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards with tiled floors and walls, an additional checkout counter is under construction and the interior walls are receiving new Speedway graphics.

“We are changing the flow of the interior of the store for customer convenience,” noted Saranzak. “We are also adding the new checkout for the convenience of customers.”

The outside of the building is receiving a new look and new concrete is being installed in the lot.

Plans are to open the store to the public Aug. 23.

Excavation is underway on four lots adjacent to the Speedway on the north side for a new business.

DC 15 LLC purchased the lots from Scott L. and Valerie Cole in June for $350,000. The mailing address listed on the real estate transfer for DC 15 LLC is Mickey Food Stores in Milan, OH.

Rumors circulating in the village indicate the new business will be a stand-alone Taco Bell. Village officials were told the same thing by the contractor working on the site, but officials at Mickey Mart would not confirm that information. A company representative said a meeting is planned within the next couple weeks to determine what type of business will be built on the property.

Village officials were also told by the general contractor the business will be a Taco Bell and they plan to have it complete and ready to turn over to the company in October.

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