Caring Hands formed to lend a helping hand

By Carol McIntire


Carroll County Caring Hands Board Member Carol McIntire (left) accepts the organization’s first funds from Abigail Matoszkia. Matoszkia made Christmas ornaments and two pictures, which she sold, and donated the proceeds to the organization.

Carroll County residents in need of a helping hand have somewhere to turn, thanks to a new local, non-profit agency.

Carroll County Caring Hands (CCCH) was formed just over a year ago and obtained non-profit status with the state of Ohio in July.

A group of seasoned fundraisers saw a need in the county for this type of service and acted upon it.

“We volunteered our time for a national non-profit organization for many years,” said CCCH President Melanie Campbell. “We raised a lot of money that was sent out of the county with only a very small percentage returned to help our local residents through the programs they offered. There was a void. We had local residents who needed help and couldn’t get it. It was frustrating. We got together and decided to do something about it. That’s how Caring Hands was born.”

The group’s first donation came from Abigail Matoszkia in a small tie-string bag. Her $20 donation came from money she raised making Christmas ornaments and a couple pictures and selling them.

“Our goal from the start was to raise funds locally and then keep them local for disbursement, to families who need a helping hand,” said Debbie Herrington, a board member.

The group raises funds by hosting bake sales, an annual lunch on Public Square, a Longaberger® Bingo event, scheduled March 18, 2018, and through donations.

The group received a boost earlier this month when Rex Energy donated $7,500 to the group. A bake sale is scheduled Dec. 15

“That was a special gift,” said Board Member Robin Palmer. “Their donation will allow us to help more county residents.”

Due to limited funds to date, the group has primarily focused on helping county families with transportation needs related to medical emergencies or long-term health problems by providing gas cards, but have also provided prescription assistance.

Articles of incorporation state CCCH was formed for “charitable, religious, scientific and educational purposes specifically, but not limited to financial assistance to persons for short-term non-medical expenses incurred due to a person’s illness or catastrophic events and for uninsured prescription medication and uninsured devices with the stipulation that all distribution is for charitable purposes.” Only Carroll County residents are eligible to apply for funds.

“Unfortunately medical crisis so often lead very quickly to financial hardship,” said Herrington. “This stems from lost work time, inadequate insurance coverage and increased demands on a budget for medications and transportation for treatment. Though we could never raise the funds to cover medical bills for county residents, we can help in other ways. Sometimes $100 or $300 can lessen a burden on a family who has so many other pressing things to be concerned about.”

Residents in need of assistance can obtain an application from The Senior Friendship Center on Kensington Rd. or Mercy Medical Center on Canton Rd. CCCH board also have applications.

Officers and board members include: Campbell, president; Palmer, vice president; Kathleen Allmon Stoneman, secretary; Carol McIntire and Deb Herrington, treasurer; and Tammy Sanderson, Deb Senko and Alan Fedorka, board members.

Donations are tax-deductible and can be mailed to Carroll County Caring Hands, P.O. Box 322, Carrollton, OH 44615. Persons who would like to volunteer for the organization should contact a board member.

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