Dellroy students remember 9/11

Dellroy fifth grade students are shown in front of a bulletin board displaying their tribute to the 9/11 victims.

Dellroy elementary school’s fifth grade classes are remembering and respecting 911 (Sept. 9, 2001).

The students who were not present that tragic September day are reminded in Angel Brooke’s poem to remember and respect, which is exactly what Jessica Bernert and her class did.

As each student traced four of their five fingers and decorated with colors and stars, heroes were remembered. Their flags were placed on a bulletin board so they are above the models of the Twin Towers in New York City while the Eagle carrying a yellow ribbon and a flag waving behind glances down on all.

“We all feel that we must remember and respect all that were present on that tragic September day,” the two teachers said.


Following is the poem written by Mrs. Brooke:

“These children were not present that tragic September day,

So to remember and respect is all that we can say,

Many men, women and children would work, laugh and play

When fear, confusion and anger would arise that tragic September day

The fire departments, rescue workers, police, military and even strangers would arise

Risking their own lives to save victims when they heard the constant cries

The skies became silent; the world paused to try to understand

As the plan destined for our capital tragically in the Pennsylvania field could not land

The Eagle shook its head, and wiped away a tear

United as a nation refused to live in fear

We shook off the ruble and began removing dust

Remembering all we lost was and is a must!

We stand a moment in silence to show respect, love and care

To mess with our nation you had better not dare!

These children were not present that tragic September day

We will always remember our loss for the right to live, love, learn and play.

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