Effort underway to recognize historic farms

Carroll County Recorder Patricia Oyer is continuing her effort to boost the number of historic farms in Carroll County.

A program known as Ohio’s Historic Family Farms was established in 1991 by the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA). The program strives to recognize farms that have been in the same family for more than 100 years. In 2016, the program expanded to include the Ohio Sesquicentennial Farm designation. To include all three designations now awarded – century (100-149 years), sesquicentennial (150-199) and bicentennial (200 years and more) – the program title was changed to Ohio Historic Family Farms. More than 1,350 family farms have been recognized across the state.

Qualified registrants receive an heirloom certificate signed by the governor and director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

“I believe there are farms eligible but I do not think the owners are made aware of such a program and they do not know how to get the information to apply,” said Oyer.

Anyone interested in the program can learn more by visiting www.agri.ohio.gov/divs/cent_farms or email ODA at centuryfarms@agri.ohio.gov or call 614-752-9817.

Residents are invited to contact the county recorder to research their farm by calling 330-627-4545 or visiting the office, located on the second floor of the county courthouse. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Oyer said Carroll County farms registered to date for 2017 include Timothy M. Gartrell (established 1848) and Pine Ridge Farm (established 1916).

“We look forward to more,” Oyer said.

She plans to recognize the families during a ceremony at the 2017 Carroll County Fair.

A similar ceremony was held during the 2016 county fair when the following family farms were recognized: Manfull Orchards, Gregory Fisher Farm, Long Creek Farm (Jennifer Ferguson), Green Haven Farm, (Rusty and Lisa Grubbs), Darrell and Kathryn Hoopes Farm, Autumn Day and April Borge (Mary Bright Trust), Mills Family Farm and Richard Eick Farm.


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