Friday storm wrecks havoc in Orange Twp.

By Carol McIntire


Flash flood waters from a storm that dumped nearly five inches of rain in Orange Twp. Friday evening rendered Dawn Rd. impassible near the Eastern Ohio Sports Complex.

ORANGE TWP. A front that stalled out just north of the Carroll-Tuscarawas county line wrecked havoc on the area Friday evening.

Carroll County Emergency Management Agency Director Tom Cottis said a section of the township in the area of Dawn and Dana roads received 4.94 inches of rain in less than two hours.

“Initially it looked like the area would get about a quarter inch rain,” Cottis said, noting he received a call from an official at the Eastern Ohio Sports Complex inquiring about the pending storm. “I contacted National Weather and was told it could be a little more than was initially thought. National Weather called me back later and said the storm stalled out over the area and they could get about five inches of rain.”

Dorms at the camp were flooded as was a basketball court and the area where an in-ground pool is located. Between two and three feet of water covered the court and swimming pool, Cottis said.

“None of the kids at the camp were ever in danger,” Cottis noted. “They were moved out of the dorms prior to the storm hitting.”

He said two buses hauling students to the camp were stranded on Dawn Rd. when a flash flood hit the area. The buses were stranded for about four hours, but no one was injured,” Cottis noted.

During the same time period, a pond on SR 39 just east of the county line overflowed at the dam, spilling water onto SR 39 and a field in Tuscarawas County. Just a short distance west on SR 39 about 60 feet of berm washed away, causing the road to be closed for several hours while repairs were made.

Also in Tuscarawas County, the same storm caused Conotton Creek to overflow its banks near the intersection of Cumberland Rd. and Dawn Rd. and caused damage to the road.

Carroll County Engineer Brian Wise said the worst damage to county roads occurred Sunday evening in East and Augusta townships.

“We had the usual berm washouts, trees down and high water in the areas where it normally occurs,” noted Wise. “Rain from a storm in East Twp. Sunday evening was so heavy it caused a four-foot culvert to overflow and the water went over the roadway.”

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