Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I recently ended my employment at Gordon’s Graphics in Malvern. I left grateful for my years there, for a career satisfied, for experience gained, for meeting friends and customers like you, for contributing to the community who raised me and for so much and more.

My reason for this public letter is to serve two intentions: one, is to thank you for your support during my presence there; two, is to ask for your continued support in my absence.

I worked 22 years there. I worked four years under the original owners, Paul and Jan Gordon; 10 years under partners Jerry Hinton and Brad Lewis, and eight years with Jerry Hinton as sole owner. My role as graphic designer, signmaker, artist-in-residence, evolved greatly. What started from one table, stool, and supplies in the beginning, to learning the computer and vinyl signmaking, to managing multiple orders with very different specs, and increasing orders every year, became a sign department with community support. Thank you! It grew because you came, you called, you faxed, you emailed, you purchased over and over again. Thank you individuals, businesses, schools, offices, clubs, contractors, political candidates, industries, neighborhoods and villages, local counties to out of state. Gordon’s Graphics is grateful for your support.

Presently, in a time when other print shops have closed, Gordon’s Graphics is still open. I credit each employee past and present for having contributed to its growth. I credit the community for having supported it with purchases. I credit Jerry Hinton, as owner, for keeping it going. He is an excellent press man. He knows his work. Tiffiny Howell from Carrollton is the congenial personality most customers see/hear when visiting/calling the store. She has the most consistently cheerful attitude of anyone I know. She is capable in multitasking and physically completing orders. She’ll take good care of your orders. Stephanie Pellegrene from Malvern is the graphic designer who has taken my place on the computer for designing orders. While still in college, she worked as an intern with me for a couple summers. She continues now as a graphic design graduate. We are lucky to have her. Her youthful, on-trend style will keep the designs fresh.

I give you this inside information as incentive to keep this business supported with your orders. Malvern needs this business. Carroll County needs this business. I must believe all of you familiar with us want to keep getting what you count on from us, so you need this business. And for those of you not familiar with Gordon’s Graphics, I invite you to stop in or call for the many services you can receive there. It’s a pretty special place, however humble and modest it is. We can boast we’re still here, in 2017, our 30th year. You’ll notice I included myself. I will continue to think of myself in the Gordon’s Graphics family of employees. I ask you to include yourself/your business in the Gordon’s Graphics family of customers.


Thank you from “The Sign Lady”

(“Captain Sign” to some others),

Diana Yost

Graphic designer, artist, signmaker

Malvern, OH



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